Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Just The Three Of Us

Okay, so we're just two days in...but it's two days I never want to forget.  Just me, Cam, & Conley--all alone.  The beginning.  As expected, two is harder than one.  I am back in the stage of life where I stress over getting all three of us out the door in one piece & in under five hours.  Me dressed & ready?  Well, I've had one shower since I returned from the hospital.  Kidding.  Currently, I take bubble baths at midnight.  || With ninja turtle bubble bubble bath.||  But for real--somedays I find myself carefully plotting how I will be able to squeeze in brushing my teeth or running for a quick pee before one of the boy's need my attention.

It's surprisingly less stressful than my experience with Cam because I had shear terror of leaving the house.  I always forgot a change of clothes, a diaper, wipes, my nursing cover-- something essential!  I can't believe it, but I'd say I've done pretty well at packing our bags when we leave the house on the rare occasion.  I've about got our "to do before leaving" list engrained in my memory for eternity.  Knock on wood.
| swaddle |
First grocery trip?  Cam may have played chicken with every oncoming cart in Ingles & decided that he would actually TELL me when he has to go #2 <which he never does in the comforts of home> when I'm standing in the check out lane with all the groceries scanned & Conley calm & collected while in the carseat snuggled safely inside.  Yeah, poo happened.
Just the essentials: Christmas Oreos, Cookie Cake, & Ony food.

First gift shop trip?  Cam knocked over a mannequin with a monster truck shirt on it.  It scared him to death so maybe he will be more careful next time?   Not a chance.

First walk?  Cam naturally begged for me to hold him the entire time after he begged to "go to the track & walk" alllllll day long.  If I had a stroller handy *mind you* he would have had no part of riding & I would have been stuck pushing the empty thing around the track.  Toddlers.  Conley on the other hand loved it & snuggled up for the ride & fresh air in his solly wrap.  Oh, & they both peed on themselves on the ride home.
First playground trip?  We've had two of these.  One in Knoxville after I dropped Cade off at the airport.  Cam told everyone on the playground that they couldn't play with the things on the play equipment because "it's not yours!" and chatted with the mom's about Hobby Lobby while Conley slept <the entire time>.  

Then, we met one of my friends at a church playground for lunch last Friday evening.  We figured it would give the boys some fresh air & a chance for some "boy time" to run all their crazy energy off.  In the few hours we were there, both boys climbed up the most dangerous "big kid" portion of the play set <in which they could have entirely broke their neck or spinal cord> & were spotted just before they attempted a triple sow cow belly flop into the cold damp mulch.  Cam also seems to have decided to pick up some of the bullying aspects of the playground in Knoxville.  And once again, Conley slept.  Oye!
First Bath?  Conley is not a fan.  Nuff' said.
And at the end of the day, Cam's always going to ask for some bread before bed <and I don't mean the Bible> because his tummy is empty & he is sooooo hungry.  Conley's apparently gonna give the tude' when he has a wet diaper, is changed, has a bath, or is hungry...can't blame the guy--I'm kinda the same way unless it's a bubble bath we're talkin'.   I will probably be awake for the next 5 years of my life or more, but I have decided these are the days.  Call me crazy, but the saying "the days are long, but the years are short" continuously reminds me to cherish every second. I can sleep & comb my hair when I'm dead.  And I'm okay with that.

Chelley N said...

Bless your heart, Momma! You're doing a great job!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thanks Chelley! You are Super Woman with 4;)