Friday, November 20, 2015

High Five For Friday// H54F

Woo Hooooo, it's Friday!   Over the past three weeks, I would say it's safe to say we are gradually falling back into normalcy again-- just in time for the craziness of the holidays.  So excited for this weekend & the Thanksgiving week ahead!  We are kicking everything off with a trip to see Santa, reaaaal reindeer <that's right;)> & a tree lighting this evening.  Fingers crossed that our picture with Santa will be Christmas card worthy!  

I am also super hopeful that we can finally sneak to see the Peanuts movie this weekend as well! This Snoopy fan is dying...  And with that, it's time to link-up for High Five for Friday with Caitlin at Coffee with CaitlinDella at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea, and Tiff at Bright on a Budget.  These past few weeks have been brought to you by...
1. Baby Smiles  Holy cuteness.  If you are ever having a bad day, just think of this picture, stare at your/a baby, or google baby grins.  If that can't make you smile folks, you just might as well pack your bags for Mt. Crumpet & join the Grinch for a little wallowing in self pity, staring into the abyss, & self-loathing sessions.    
2. Cam-ism's  (which may become a weekly high five)  This boy is too much for words.  I have always said I can't wait til my kids start talking & having conversations because I've always loved to hear kids share what's going on in that little brain of theirs.  Cam's brain has A LOT going on.  Sometimes it just straight out scares me just how smart he is & how much he remembers!
        -(stole Lolli's reading glasses) Lolli: "Cam, let me have my glasses please."  
          Cam: "But I need them Lala." <his excuse for everything--but I NEED it>
          Lolli: "I don't think so, they'll hurt you're eyes!"
          Cam: *whine* "But I CAN'T SEE LALA!"

        -Conley is crying a lot.  Cam wakes up: "Pet him, Mom!  PET him!"  

        -Cam often okay always refuses nutritional meals & picking his toys up.  

          "But I playing Mom."
           Me: Okay, but you have to clean up & eat supper before we go to bed.
           Cam picks up some sunglasses & puts them on his face upside down while 
           sauntering around the living room kicking & picking up items of interest.  Thirty         
          minutes pass & I clean up 1/2 the toys encouraging him to help.  He doesn't listen.
          Lala goes to get her hand shaped flyswat.  
          "Cam, do you see this?  If you don't clean up your toys I'm gonna have to use it."  
          His face lights up & he runs over grinning with his hand in the air...
           "HIGH FIBE MOM!!"  **How do you keep a straight face**

          -Lub on me, Mom!      ||my personal favorite||

          -When he gets in trouble: "But you're my best friend!"

          -"I be back later guys,  My got to go do my homework."

          -"Mom!  Watch me jump like a mermaid!  Or a flower."

3. Cold Weather  We are finally getting some cold weather here in the South & I am SO ready!  Every time I think it's gonna get cold it warms back up, but I have an inkling it's just about time for it to be around to stay.  Cue the snow!  I may just have to give up my iced coffees for hot mugs of mocha...And I'd really love a reason to stick boggins on Cam & Conley's cute little noggins!

4.  Missing My Mr  This week I have really been trying to focus on the good times we had when he was in & countdown to Christmas when he will be flying back in for a couple weeks.  I miss him so much sometimes it even makes me mad!  Haha...That's pretty bad, huh?  He was so much help with the boys during that first week & a half.  He truly is my best friend & things just doesn't feel right in our family with his absence.  I miss his humor, holding his hand, sitting on the couch having Netflix marathons when the babies go to sleep.  I trust the Lord has a plan-it's just putting my faith into practice which is always so much easier said than done.  But how blessed I am.  So blessed I could just sit & cry for days.  And I do.

5.  It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas  From the decorations springing up in stores to Holly XM & those crazy controversial red cups that have blown up Facebook the past few days, it is definitely starting to look & feel like Christmas around here!  I am coming to hate the toy commercials because Cam shouts, "I need that from HOHO!"  Mom!  I NEED IT!"  Unless of course it's girly...then he says, "dat for girls."  There's the occasional girl toy he likes in which he says, "that not for girls, that for Cam."  Aye Aye Aye.  He has been helping decorate (the first year ever-something I have always been so excited about) & he LOVES it.  While starting the decorations this week, he stuck a broken broom stick in the tree & "Jungles" the Christmas balls.  Thank the good Lord for plastic balls!

NOW.  Back to my Christmas music humming Conley to sleep from the mamaroo & my little post to get my work done before we head out for some Christmas fun:)  Check out our website this evening...adding a lot of Thanksgiving outfits if you are in need!  Are you guys doing anything special this weekend?