Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Post Partum Update || 3 Weeks

I recently found an update with a different spin on pregnancy updates after the baby is born-- it's all about taking a moment to talk about momma, post labor and delivery after following along all 40<ish> weeks of that momma's pregnancy...herrreee goes!
How Far Along? We made it to 38 weeks and one day.  I cannot believe I actually made it to 'term' with a ".9 cervix"- by God's sweet grace he kept Conley snug in my belly for a whole 38 weeks!  The same amount of time I carried Cam.  From 28 weeks to 36 weeks, I was scrambling like crazy from my bed rest post to make sure we would be as prepared as we could be for Mr. Conley to make his grand appearance!  I had been convinced (along with everyone who treated me) that our baby boy would be an early bird.

Size of Baby?  At birth Conley weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces.  Conley lost weight at the hospital & upon the first few days at home--but only about 8% of his birth weight (up to 10% is normal).  He was extremely not alert & it super stressed me out trying to breastfeed.  Those suggestions to just wipe him down, strip him, or tickle him/nudge him just did NOT cut it.  SO...We reached out to my favorite local nurse ;) who continually graciously weighed Conley & helped me survive an extreme newborn sleep pattern & breastfeeding.  At Conley's two week appointment, he had gained an ounce a day since his last weigh in, so our pediatrician was more than happy with his growth.  SO Thankful!!

Maternity Clothes?  I have made it through both of my pregnancy with buying minimal maternity pieces.  Not because I don't believe in them, (the maternity jeans I bought were FABULOUS!) but it was just not feasible for us.  SO, I tried to purchase longer tops I could wear later & do the "hairband trick" with my pants.  I can fit in all my jeans again without the hairband, but I am still enjoying my lose fitted tops & leggings just for comfort & the pooch that will only go away with some ab attention.  It helps not having to get out in public much;)

Weight Loss?   By my scale at home I gained around 30 lbs during this pregnancy.  Probably a few more lbs during the three weeks I was in Knoxville, but I didnt have a scale to check!  The day I left the hospital I was down 10 pounds.  Currently I've lost 19 lbs & have about 11 more lbs to lose to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight.  If I'm being honest with you, I eat WAY too many Christmas Oreos everyday & with that, anything my little heart desires.  So if I really attempted to eat healthier (I have established a no dieting allowed while breastfeeding rule...) I'd say I'd lose it in a week lol.  Breastfeeding metabolism is INSANE.  BUT-- I may just enjoy my oreos for now while I can...I'll keep you posted.  

Breastfeeding?  It seems that my days are nurse, pump, ten minutes of freedom, repeat.  I've heard many say they feel like a milk cow & I guess that's a pretty accurate description.  I'm just thankful to be able to breastfeed without any complications.  Cam was a lot more difficult, being my first born & I know how stressful it can be to struggle. Despite the work, I can honestly say it is totally worth it & such a wonderful experience...

Sleep?  Conley is an A M A Z I N G sleeper.  We're talkin' - I have to WAKE him up to eat on most 
occasions...every three hours night & day.  Surprisingly, that's almost <if not more> difficult than having him wake me up to feed him!  Trying to feed a sleeping baby is a bit like feeding Cam lettuce.  It ain't gonna happen!  Heck, today I dripped some ice cold water from my water bottle on his head while carrying him in his wrap & he didnt. move. a. muscle.  Can I order a nap like that?  That all being said, he is growing more & more alert every day, Hallelujah!  :)

Food Cravings? Just bring me a dozen Christmas oreos & decaf coffee and call it dinner.   The sweet cravings are real???  I can't believe I've actually lost any weight at all.  I drink tons of water & that's about the only healthy habit I can verify...I've really got to focus on more nutrition in my diet!

What I Miss?  I knew all along I'd really miss being pregnant.  Up until those last few weeks of waddling around like a penguin & rolling like a flipped over turtle to get up out of bed that is.  I'm currently enjoying the state I'm in. A full time momma:)  The nights?  Yea, I dread them.  I get at least two very heavy painful headaches a week probably due to lack of sleep...but I'm making it!  And I'm so happy.  The only thing that can make me sad is dwelling on Cade being hundreds of miles away.

I know when I go back to work, I will definitely miss being pregnant.  50% of that may be because I was so lazy and did nothing all day on bed rest (oh, how my world has changed!), & 100% of that would be not being able to spend all day with my boys.  

Symptoms?  Initially, I cried a lot.  I cry because I'm happy// I cry because I miss Cade// I cry because I know time will fly by & I never want this time of life to end//you get the picture--it's a mixture of emotions!  I feel exhaustion, & as I mentioned before--the headaches.

Belly Button?  It looks like a deep wrinkled cavern.  It hasn't been the same since I had Cam, but then again...I have two beautiful baby boys to show for it so I'll take my crazy looking belly button any ole' day;)

Best Moment of the Week?  Spending time with my baby boys.

  Annnnnd that's a wrap to my first three weeks with Conley out of "the oven."
Can I just say I have the sweetest baby boy ever?  Okay, maybe I'm partial but he is truly precious.  A true gift from my Father above.  SO. BLESSED.  Can't say it enough...
Have a great evening, y'all!