Monday, November 9, 2015

October Photo Dump

October 2015 will go down in my books as one of the most memorable times of my life.  Not only do I have a hilarious toddler following me around giving continuous commentary about how he sees things in his two year world everyday, but we finally got to meet our sweet baby #2, Conley Scout.  My life was forever changed for the better this month & these pictures help tell & record this special time in our little family's life!  

Early October was spent finishing up bed rest & taking any opportunity to sneak outside for a little dose of sunshine & fall leaves.  Oh, & boo-koos of the sweetest flower deliveries from my little Mr.

Ghost toast in the undies is an October must;)

Early visits to the pumpkin patch--good fun but be prepared for premature rotten pumpkins!
Cam's instructions for this year's pumpkins:  A big mean scary pumpkin for Cam, & a little happy pumpkin for Conley.
Weekly doctor visits to see baby "Conwey," play with Dr. B's toys, & press the elevator buttons
My precious time hanging out with Cam before Conley arrived...we had a blast;)  
Just wish daddy could have been around more!

Going to get daddy at the airport was probably the highlight (besides meeting Conley) of our August-October.  Can't explain our excitement!

 I already miss those little baby kicks inside my belly everyday...
BOO at the Zoo.  If you haven't been, make plans to go next year.  It was the coolest <should I add easiest & most entertaining> way to Trick or Treat with your babes!  I think I had the best laugh of my October see, we didn't have Cam's Halloween costume--so we improvised.  We threw on his Batman shirt & I decided I would draw a mask on his face in the zoo parking lot (great idea, right??).  E P I C fail...the second I removed the paint from his face was the second he drug both hands through the mask & smeared it all over his face.  As you can imagine, we got some strange looks from the fellow Trick or Treaters (especially their parents) but Cam couldn't have been prouder.  As I was fighting him in the bathroom during a potty break, he grabbed his smeared (what looked like tar all over his) face & said, "I love my mask, Mom."  Continuous laughing tears.

Right after the mask tragedy.

And Cam finally got to go to a "Halloween party."  All October long he has mentioned going to one...& at the end of the Trick or Treat trail--they just happened to have a Halloween dance party.  Couldn't have planned it better myself had I tried.  Hog Heaven!  

Check out their dance moves!  And the Conley belly & I
may or may not have done the cha cha slide!
I suppose this Halloween could alternatively be titled, The Halloween of the epic mask fail, simply because he ruined the one at the zoo & refused the one with his costume...note to self* NO masks for Camster next year;)

And then, Conley happened:)

God is so good!  We had the most wonderful month ever.
Excited for what November will bring & the new celebrations ahead.