Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Tales: Graduation

18 years have passed as I have had the pleasure of watching this little girl grow into a beautiful, well-accomplished, young lady.  I speak for my whole family when I say that I am so proud of her and pray that she always follows the Lord's path for her life.  This weekend was extra special because we were blessed enough to see her graduate high school!
 Way to go Class of 2014!  Congrats to my sister, my friend:)   

Top: Me, Brother, Sister   Bottom: Brother, Sister, Mom, Me

To celebrate...we had a lot of dinners, ceremonies, and cookouts to attend.  Let's just say Cam was in baby heaven (aside from the ceremony part).  I must say though...he was very well behaved at the graduation and baccalaureate services aside from the constant crowd surfing and 500 lbs of Goldfish he single handedly put away!

He is becoming quite the sugar giver...

And Cam is quite the swimmer these days.

And if you follow my instagram @cassidyadams, you have already gotten this memo!
We take approx 109,023 stuffed animals with us wherever we go.  Just kidding...
ok, maybe 10.  But it is the cutest. thing. I have ever. seen!  Can we do this forever??

And, since it was a special occasion, which tends to always put me in a baking mood mini sous chef and I gave these pink lemonade cupcakes for "C" a whirl Sunday morning.
Find the yummy recipe here.

*Find these cute grad cap straws at Target and cut in half for a festive cupcake topper;)
I also found a chalk pen and wrote captions on the top before serving...Have fun with it!

Happy Monday!