Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Target Tuesday: Summer Edition

It's time for another Target Tuesday!  Over the weekend, I had a chance to run by a Target and browse  for some more adorable and affordable finds:)  Target is in full swing summer mode, and in my opinion they did not disappoint!  Our home is now decked out in seasonal summer finds thanks to the adorable baby products and home goods...the question is: when is enough, enough??

My Mr. was pretty proud of me (or maybe he was just being nice) for weeding the excess out of our cart as I browsed through the store.  I may or may not have put everything summery in the cart as I browsed.  Just call me Miss Practicality.  Being practical isn't fun sometimes, but such is this life! 
 I remember a lady in our church telling us to look back at the dessert table during one of our recent church dinners.  She said, "you see all that will be 0 calories in heaven!"  I'd like to add a Target spin to this..."You see all of those holiday decorations at Target, they are 0 dollars and are all yours to decorate with Cassidy!"  I'm sure Target will be put on the backburner up there...:)

{Tray}  {Cars} {Bowls} {Collar, store only}  {Popsicle Mold, store only
{Summer Dining Set, store only}

The cars...they were a surprise for Camster:)  He has really been into cars lately, and not only do these cars travel, I snagged all four for 14 bucks!  They are perfect for toddlers.  A bow tie collar on clearance for Mr. Fitz.  That chic tray in white for our summer table center piece.  Adorable animal popsicle molds (recipe to come soon;).  And the pineapple sippy, summer plate, and shark snack pack...shut the front door!  I also snagged one of those cute printed bowls for $3.  
Target Shopping Trip success!

Here is a little peek at summer decorating in the Adams Household:)
I also found these napkins and the cotton candy candle at Target as well:)

And how cute is this lemonade stand display???

Hope you all are having a great week so far!
Happy Target Tuesday;)
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Over the weekend, I had a chance to run by a Target and browse for some more adorable and ...