Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Tales: Fathers Day Weekend

We overslept this morning and I'm pretty sure it was because we I stayed up baking every. night. this weekend.  Perhaps my nervous energy and the dream of being chased by a giant Cat causing me to drown in a pool of sprinkles were to blame?  I don't know.  Whatever the reason, today I was left with the Monday blues and walked around the job like a snot-nosed Zombie.

Don't even ask how #junewithjillian is going:(  But I did manage to avoid the cookies we baked, with one workout under my belt!  I think I can be pretty proud of that and try to get back on track this week!  Heres to hoping this week is a little less eventful!

Eventful?  Why you might ask?  Well, the Mr. decided to take a job in North DAKOTA.  Yes you read that right.  Not Carolina...DAKOTA!  He left early Friday morning, which left Cam and I scrambling to throw together something special for Fathers Day all why trying to process the goodbye.

We went for the homemade touch this year since this craziness left us with a little less extra cash in the piggy back.  But we did sneak in an "I.O.U" Panthers game ticket of his choice this year.  Surprisingly enough, I think the candy, picture of Cam, and yo-yo were what won his heart.  And this is the gift that just keeps on giving because his baked goods are on their way to him wrapped in a fleece jacket (yep, apparently that's North Dakota in June?).  If only we could cram ourselves in the box with them!  We miss him so bad we can't stand it.


And for the other special guys in our life, we shared the cookie and cake pop wealth.  Cam was the BEST helper.  I mean, check out the excellent penmanship on the cards...#nailedit  Now to get him to understand we can't do that to just anything as he headed for the walls next.

I also have to mention our local Relay for Life that took place this past Friday.  It was such an honor to be a part, especially this year, as we honored Aunt Karen.  The last I heard, our church raised over $2000 this year.  I am so proud of all that worked so hard for such a near and dear cause.  If you have the opportunity to be so!  You will be so glad you did!

I especially appreciated the kid-friendly atmosphere at the Relay... Cam had the time of his life twerking to the bluegrass and stalking the person in the Cat costume (i.e. the Cat in my dream?).  I think we only ran up to the cat 135, 674 time to giggle, stare, point, squeal, and give it a high five.  Kudos to you big Cat!  Thank you for making the Camster's night:)

Happy Monday everyone!
Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh my gosh Cassidy, North Dakota,
am hoping this is a temporary job and that yall aren't gonna have to
move there. Know that would be very
hard with your family all nearby.

Cam is growing so much and looks so adorable. It is incredible how different they are in just 1 mo. time at these ages. We are having such fun watching Brookly with all
her shenanigans. They are just so amazing and cute.

Wanted you to come by cause I am having a giveaway for my faithful
followers of which you are one,
so wanted to tell you so you can
enter too.

Take care sweetie, and let me know about that job.......
Love and Blessings, Nellie

cassidy adams said...

Oh boy! A giveaway? Sounds like fun:) Yes, North Dakota:( Cam is growing like a weed! I blink and he's a foot taller and doing something else that blows my mind:) Enjoying every minute! Thanks for stopping by Nellie!