Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tacos and Dragons

  As a speech therapist, one of my passions has become literacy.  No matter how young a child is...never underestimate the power of a book.  I always knew that one of my goals as a mom would be to instill a love of books within my kids.  Technology is just fine, but it will never take the place of a good ole paper book.  So far...we are book crazy.  Books are one of Cam's goto "toys!"  #proudmommystatus

Every now and then I run into a childrens book I just can't get enough of.  "Dragons Love Tacos" has not only stolen my heart, but Cam's as well!  It is so. stink in'. cute. and perfect for Toddlers!  We have had so much fun looking at the hilarious illustrations and laughing at all of the funny things the dragons do...(and not to mention, the always famous *Fitzy appearances).  We loved this book so much in fact, that we had to make tacos for supper one evening this week:)  

*Fitzy appearance: anytime Cam sees a dog (especially in books) he gets so cracked up and excited and yells "Fitzy!"  "Fitzy!" Mr. Fitz is our dog;)
Fun things to do with your toddler with "Dragons Love Tacos" (or any storybook you choose):
Consider that for your baby to enjoy any book, they must be actively engaged!  Have fun with it:)

1.  After you read the text, have some fun pointing and talking about the pictures.  Cam gets so giggly every time we do this!  He loves to look at every little detail, make sure he gets to point at the pictures, smell any plants he may see, and make a varoom sound if he spots a vehicle.  But I think he enjoys getting the opportunity to "read" to mama the most:  "Tu, tu, ta, ka, ma, ma, da," anyone?

2.  Never underestimate the power of inflection...kiddos eat it up.  And you better believe they will do it when it's their turn!  Cutest. thing. ever.

3.  Let THEM turn the pages.  Sometimes this backfires on me and Cam goes rip happy.  Board books are awesome at this age...  But think about it, allowing them to turn the page not only helps keep them attentive, but they begin to learn "basics" of reading.

4.  Don't be afraid to change the story up for little ones, to make it more enjoyable.  This is where my "Fitzy" prompts come in:)  Cam loves puppies so much, I always point them out and make them apart of the story- even if that isn't the authors intention.

5.  Activities, activities, activities!  If your child is old enough-tie in an activity like creating a dragon for an art activity or have them write their own story about a taco party they threw for a dragon.  

6.  Obviously...make tacos and play with stuffed dragons:)

Happy Hump Day and God Bless! :)

If you are a fellow Speechie, here is a link to an activity to pair with the book!  So, so cute.