Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday Morning Profanity

Most mornings I wake up to an alarm clock.  Apparently these days, are coming to an end.

6:48 a.m. Saturday morning, I woke up to hear a very disgruntled Cambino screaming and barking (what only could have been) the worst cuss words he has ever heard come out of his Daddy's mouth! It sounded a little something like this: Ya ya ta ta ya ta ya Yaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!  Rawr!  I at least know the "rawr" is an accurate interpretation.  I mean he was letting me have it.  I peaked across the threshold (he sleeps in his pack n' play right outside our door) to see what happened to my sweet angel baby and that's all it took.  He became silent, bent down, grabbed his zebra, and reached up at me grinning.  This. is. not. good. folks.

Once I got him out of the crib...he reached toward the living room.  The second his little feet touched the ground he made his way as straight to his guitar (more on this later) as he could go.  He whirled around, looked at me, gave me his notorious squinty-toothy grin, and began strumming... zebra in hand.

  You know, what momma in the world needs sleep?  Especially after you get a full four hours.  Maybe my recent decision to start staying up late on Friday nights has run its course? 

Once he got his jam session in, of course he was ready for something else exciting.  What's up next Mom?  I whipped up a sippy of milk for him and helped myself to a very large cup of coffee.  I coaxed him back into bed with me for some morning Musti and Mitten the Kitten.  Of course he had to be just like momma and have a pen, notebook... remote too.  You can imagine...That went well.  

I love Saturday mornings!:)