Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice is upon us...tomorrow is the first official day of summer.  Though, I have to say, it's actually felt like summer for about two months now and this girl is already over it and ready for fall and Christmas.  But I'll humor you summer lovers out there and suppress that excitement for at least one more month.  Deeeeecccckkkk the Haaaaalllllsss!

With summers in the South comes unbearable heat, and with the unbearable heat comes the need for a swimsuit to slip into to enjoy the pool or lake.  That's why this post is all about...drumroll please<give me a Clark Griswold tzzzzzzzzz>... swimsuits!

I'm going to be real with you for a bit in this post and talk about an insecurity of mine that I've mentioned before.  Yes, I had Cam over a year ago...and yes I am back at my prebaby weight...but that doesn't mean I feel great in a bathing suit!  I feel like my tummy could still use a few more crunches and I bare a couple of the dreaded stretch marks.  Boy, am I glad that someone brought one pieces and high waisted bikinis back to life!  
Even though I am a mom a 20 something, I still desire something young and fresh...and these babies have that written all over them:
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And I can't get over how cute this cover up is...#beachshoppinglist #pleasegoonsale

Some additional, budget savvy finds for the summer season include this beach bag, this cover-up, and these flip flops:)  And for little bit?  I love these swim diapers (LOVE my Honest goods), and these summer pj's... his - hers.  What are some of your favorite finds of the summer?:)

And, as for June With Jillian...I'm back in the game!  So far, I have completed 3 workouts this week (4 if I can keep going hard until tomorrow).  MUCH better than the measly one I squeezed in last week.  I'm coming for you baby pouch...
Happy Weekend, everyone!