Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Run Down

Ahhhhhh the weekend.
Our weekend was full of monsters, puppy love, fashion statements, naughty milestones, birthday fun, and beachy goodbyes.

| Onesie, Gift |

Thursday, we celebrated "BB's" birthday with an evening dinner at a yummy local diner.
Happy Birthday "BB"!

| Onesie, TJMaxx |

Friday, we said goodbye to Lolli, Pop, & Aunt C as they headed out to the beach...
Sad to note we shoulda been with them-but HEY: 
guess Santa kinda needs to save $ or somethin' like that!
(That's the only righteous cause to refuse a beach trip I can come up with!)

Instead we headed out for a family night & grabbed BBQ & groceries.
The 1st time we have actually got to go grocery shopping since our wedding shower without COMPLETELY being broke afterward!  FAMILY MILESTONE ALERT!
Cue the hallelujah chorus!!!

| Baby Sunglasses, Target | | Monster Onesie, Gift |

| Tie Bib, | Hat |

Cam has fINaLLy arrived at the age where I can influence him to do certain things...
OH like develop a love for Snoopy (aka Uh-Oh as I called him)
 or any other kind of puppy...
AND also sneak a blanket in there also just like Linus his daddy.

Penny photobombing
| Tie Onesie, Crazy 8 |

| Snoopy, Hallmark |

They reaaalllyyy shouldn't have the same toys...
it's confusing for Penn.

Do you remember back when I was in search for the perfect one?

Soon enough Cam might be begging me or his daddy 
to check for monsters under his bed...
but for noooowwwww we are having fun with them!
Not to mention: HALLOWEEN is coming soon;)

It was too late to stop it...

| Book, Amazon |
So we dressed with monsters in spirit of our bedtime story!

Speaking of naughty creatures,
Cam has learned a naughty cutest thing you've ever seen trick from his Aunt C...

The notorious childhood profanity!  Haha...
Yea, hard not to encourage this cuteness!!!!

Hoping everyone had a great start to the week!