Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's Go Roadtrippin'!

Country Music.  BBQ.  Jazz and Blues.  1000 degree weather.  
Rhinestone Jumpsuits.  Rock & Roll.

Yep.  That's a little taste of what this road trip consisted of...

As a graduation gift, my mom, dad, & little sis paid my way for a summer roadtrip to Nashville with a stay at the Grand Ole Opry, the Heartbreak Hotel, and a trip to Graceland along with sightseeing in Memphis.
Sweet right?

And the perfect way to let loose, have a little fun, and "get away" 
before I began my new job.
And it was just that and more.
Cam made it even more special, he was absolutely AMAZING
the ENTIRE time.
My little ray of sunshine.  That's him.

Our first stop...
Music City USA, Nashville TENNESSEE.
I had been there several years ago, but I don't remember much about it.
Oh, and there's this little show called...Nashville.  Yeah!  That's it!
You could say that has kinda "re-sparked" my interest.

We stayed at the Grand Ole Opry's Gaylord Hotel.
We had a GREAT lunch at Cascade's inside as well...

My meatloaf sandwich...mmmmmmmm

We seen Hayden Panettiere, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert's apartment complex.  Vanderbilt.  And much to my dismay...
we didn't get to see the Bluebird:(
But that's okay...hopefully there will be another time.
We made a pretty brief visit...

Then it was off to Memphis!

We pulled into the Heartbreak Hotel about 4 hours later.
This place is an Elvis lovers paradise...
(my mother and sister WERE in paradise).

During our stay on the Presley property we made a lot of memories...
We took several morning strolls to the meditation garden.

Toured our way around Elvis's Graceland mansion.

Signed the rock wall's surrounding Graceland
where we were told the girls used to write their name's and numbers
in lipstick for Elvis.
Not exactly our purposes...

Watched "Lolli" and "Aunt C" nail it on the Sirius Elvis Radio Quiz Show...
stupid tie breaker question.

Ate at Rock-a-Billy's, Rock & Roll Cafe, Alfred's,
and rode a pink limo to Marlowe's Famous Memphis BBQ!

Visited Sun Studios...
(Cam had a mini melt down here- prompting me to exit the tour early)

Prowled around the Peabody
(where I was so graciously educated that Elvis went to prom here)
AND visited his favorite store, Lansky's...

We strolled down the famous Beale Street...
watched dancing in the street.
Live music.
Experienced a concrete gymnastics show.
AND the best part...let the Camster enjoy the beautiful night lights!

I can't forget to share that we
 braved a pretty severe storm with a power outage,
but HEY we were in Heartbreak Hotel...

This trip was Cam's first road trip.
So I just HAD to get him a souvenir.
And of course his Lolli and C had to as well.
How cute are these keepsakes?? wouldn't be a trip with my family without a VERY random
stop at Laura Lynn's kitchen and Ranch.
HEY!  Why the heck not? LOL.  
Gotta love them!
I must say I didn't mind the yummy Country cookin'!

This trip was just what I needed.
I had the best time with my family and made many
sweet memories to treasure forever<3

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