Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Fourth Ya'll!

I hope everyone had a fabulous fourth!  Us?
Well, ours was filled with rain clouds, foggy fireworks, indoor cookouts, and frizzy hair, but HEY...we decided to make the most of it and head down to our lakeside cabins anyway!  

It's just not the fourth without a lakeside view...

Honestly, it was just nice for Cade, Cam, and I to be together for a day.
Cade has been a working machine lately!
Hopefully there will be many more days to soak up the sun before the great fall-ish month of August arrives.
Yes.  August is the beginning of fall for me!
On a side note: My Nana may or may not have already spotted an official fall leaf at our fourth cookout!

I guess Cam will be the only baby around wearing Halloween outfits in August, Thanksgiving in September, and Christmas October-January...
You think I'm kidding, don't you?

A little sidetracked there!
To compensate (nice therapy jargon there for ya...) for the rainy fourth, we had a few other fun ways we celebrated...
like going to see Lauren Alaina in concert and watching our fireworks on the T.V.!
Macy's Firework Spectacular anyone??  Not too shabby!

 Mantle view Fireworks...
Pretend like I was more festive and had this mantle festive...
next year!

Apologies for the "fibbing" on posts for last Thursday and Friday.
Things have been a LITTLE, okay VERY, crazy as I have been getting ready to begin work...
  Actually...I just walked in the door from my first day!  More on that later...
AND Memphis and the 3 Month update to come this week soon!  Hahaha (just in case...)

Swhew!  It's been a Monday!