Friday, July 26, 2013

A New Void

I tend to blog a lot about happy stuff.
The kind of stuff that you want to think life is all about.
But there are those times...
we don't really wanna think about.
The times when life isn't so perfect...

Our little family lost a very special member last Thursday.
Zack was apart of our entire engagement, marriage, and first baby.
He was with us as we began this journey together.
He and Cade's dog Ickers, were inseparable.

Zack was more than just a dog.
He was my friend.  My companion.  My protector.

For years, as Cade worked away from home, he watched out for me.
He kept me safe.  He allowed me to develop a sense of security and independence in our new home.

It just doesn't seem the same around our home anymore.
I can no longer see him on our porch, trotting up to meet me as I pull into the driveway.
No more walks, jogs, or hikes with him there beside me.
I don't need to buy anymore ducks from Walmart to toss for his favorite game of fetch (he had about 20).
No more huge bags of dogfood, and elevated food dishes.
I don't get to yell "bye Zack!" as I roll down the driveway leaving for school/work.
No more spectating as he and Ickers chase all the geese out of the pond.
I won't hear his powerful bark clearing the neighborhood for any potential danger or (maybe even just a bark or two "just because").

I know to some it may sound silly...and countless times 
I've heard people say "they are just dogs."  But not to me.
That's just who I am.
A void will remain in my heart without him.

Rest in Peace my sweet Zack.
I will miss you always.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Cassidy,
So sorry to hear about Zack. He was a pretty dog and yes, they do become a family member for sure, and are all those things you said. We could learn a lot about love from dogs, I always say! We had to have our lil
Zippy put to sleep some years back,
and we had him for 14 years, it was
such a hard thing to do, but he was in a lot of pain from an inoperable tumor. so we had no choice.....but it was a very hard transistion cause we really did miss him so much, he was my shadow all the time. So many would say you should just get another dog, and I said If I knew he would be just like Zippy,
I would, but I have no guarantees of that, I feel like they are like a person, they have there own personality and you just can't replace them, like shoes or something. Plus I had been raising children and dogs most of my adult life and decided I wanted my freedom too, that way if hubby had
to make a trip for work or something I could go along easily.
At any rate, they are a huge loss,
so will be praying for you and Cade
and your other doggies, cause they
grieve it too.
So glad you have the baby, cause I am sure that helps some too, cause I know it keeps you busy for sure.

Hope things are going well with your working and all that.......
life is hard at times, but know you will be fine........cause you
trust in the Lord. Some things just
take some time working out in your heart and soul.

Love and Blessings Hon,

cassidy adams said...

You don't know how much your sweet comments mean to me:) Thank you for the kind words and for always being so understanding, I hope you are doing well! I'm gonna make it over to your blog ASAP!
God's Blessings to you:)

Samantha Hernandez said...

This literally breaks my heart in two for you. I know how much you love him.