Monday, July 22, 2013

Third & Fourth Months!

The 3rd & 4th Months with our precious baby boy...

A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Still dig bathtime,  love to chow down, can pass gas like a grown man, mini freak out fits in quiet places, my passy (and spitting it occasionally), walks in my stroller...I love watching little kids, looking in the mirror and looking at bright lights and fans. 
Not so favorite...when no one pays attention to me, when people forget to entertain  me, getting put in carseat, sleeping hasn't been a priority of mine the past couple of nights...

Milestones: 1st bible school, 1st roadtrip, 1st birthday party, 1st cold, 1st laugh, 1st boat ride,   1st 4th of July, 1st week without spending it with mommy, lost my first pet:;(, tried first semi-solid food: rice, 1st trip to Georgia, 
playing with toys for the 1st time
My face: I have learned to stick my lip out and make a pouty face...insert mommy comment:  It is the cutest thing you'll ever see!  I've been teething this whole time too...dump trucks of slobber!  I'm starting to get a little chunky too;)
My eyes: Huge Blue eyes with tons of eyelashes that don't miss a thing!
My hair:  Losing a little, still dark and looks like there is going to be some curl!

My hands:  Busy, Busy, Busy and love to pull mommy's hair out!  I also try to jam my whole fist i my mouth in an effort to soothe my gum's!
My feet:  I like to kick mommy in the stomach at night.  Why not??  I did it lots in her belly too!  It's mandatory that during my waking hours I am standing.
Music: Dancing in the Moonlight and Wagon Wheel...maybe because it say's heeeeeeyyyyy momma rock me?  Idk...

Best Part of Month(s):  The Nashville/Memphis Roadtrip

Worst Part of Month:  Losing our precious Zack and the cold!  
My favorite products: stroller fan, light weight swaddle blankets, medela bottles, onesies, strap sunglasses, Sophie teething ring, any toys that light up, are easy to grip, or make noise

 & Cam