Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Big Boy Weekend || Part Two

The dentist.  When to take your kid?  I have seen recommendations to take your littles as soon as one year!  But there was a slight problem...Cam's teeth didn't come in til after he was one!  Ha!  So, I think we picked a great age to attempt this slightly scary first trip.  

When I first called to make his appointment, they told me to just tell Cam we were going to get "his teeth brushed & counted."  Again (as with the pacifier) we told him weeks in advance to allow him a chance to warm up to the idea of visiting the dentist.  Ironically, he wanted to go to the dentist with me after I got home from work last week & sat pretty as a pea without a blink the entire time.  They gave him a Lightening McQueen and Dusty toothbrush just for tagging along- so I am pretty sure he thought it was the greatest place of all time?
When we were on our way, he was a little fretful but the second we walked in the door & he spotted a play house with kids...he was in the zone.  They gave me a pile of paperwork & offered to hold Conley if I needed help but I was all ladies I'm almost a pro <lie> at juggling two;)  
While I was eyelash high in paperwork, they called for "Camden" to come back.  They had to call me twice because I was listening for "Cam."  But my almost three year old?  He was already waiting with the staff at the door when I went over to the playhouse to let him know it was his turn to go back!  I didn't even know he knew his full name, he is only called "Cam."  
When we went back they put us in a room with a basketball goal.  Cam shot a couple of baskets & was over it ready to go "play with the kids" <that'd be the ones continuously being called down by the dental hygienists without supervision> a room over.  After telling him no, 5090 times - his dental hygienist finally came in & got to work!
He was so B I G!  He sat in the chair & let her clean his teeth without a whimper.  Somehow I managed to miss a picture with the dentist, but Cam really thought he was something else.  He was all about high fives & talking about how big Cam was:-)  The way to any two year old boy's heart, right? 

It didn't hurt that there were prizes involved.  A squishy penguin & growing starfish make any trip to the dentist worth the time & effort involved!  #tobeakidagain

Besides having healthy teeth, I think my favorite part was when he told him his little brother's name was "Conley Scout" & that he was having a Monster Birthday Party.  Because last I checked, he didn't know Conley's middle name & we were having a R O B O T Birthday Party?  Lol.