Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Tales || Superbowl Weekend

Well, I suspect the 4 lbs I've recently worked very hard to lose were gained back this weekend.  I kinda went crazy in the baking department & reverted back to my Christmas baking ways...donuts, rice crispy treats, pancakes.  I went w a y overboard on the sugary sweets this weekend.  Now that the Super Bowl is over & my Mr's Panthers got "pounded," it's back to the real world & life without football annnnnndddd all that sugar.  Is it weird to say I even miss Cade watching football reruns until the next season starts?  
Yes, I miss e v e n that.
Besides the sugar & football, we had a great weekend.  Cam has been on point in the Camism department.  Y'all, I truly don't know what I 'm going to do with this child in the future.  He is something else.   I dread the teacher parent conferences the most...I don't like confrontation.
Panther Rice Krispys: Melt butter & marshmallows on low heat.  Take off heat & mix in rice krispy cereal.  Squirt enough blue food coloring in mixure to make cereal & marshmallows look carolina blue.  I chilled my mixture for about 20 minutes & then starting shaping & molding the panthers--it just makes it easier to work with!  When done I used m&m's & skittles for the eyes & nose & cut up air heads for the whiskers.  White icing would be cute for that & the eyes too though;)  And twizzlers could definitely be an easier route for whiskers...Walah!  There you have it if you're interested!

Weekend Cam-ism's 
>>He had coffee <chocolate milk in a mug> this weekend.  "Hey C, I'm drinking chocolate coffee.  It's really cool but you can have some." 
>>I made at least a milllllllllion appointments this week over the phone & e v e r y t i m e I was on the phone Cam came by and said, "hey daddy!"  I quickly gave him the shush face & he scream whispered "OH KAY!  SOWY MOMMY!  I BE QUIET!"  as he then proceeded to "crash" every toy in sight straight into the wall beside the phone.

>>Cam begs me to get in the bathtub with him every night.  (I know one day he will want to burn his eyes out before admitting this--but it's true).  Me:  Laughing... "You know I don't like cold water Cam!"  Cam: "But it's not cold mom, it's soft."

>>Me:  You think it's gonna snow? Cam: "Well maybe so, like 45." 

(I secretly hoped he means inches & is spot on;)
Super easy a n d yummy...recipe found here
Speaking of snow...Can I also mention that I can't help but feel giddy that snow is in our forecast again (or at least a winter storm warning) until Thursday!  We already have an optional teachers workday tomorrow & our skylight windows are being sprinkled with snow as I type:-)  Please don't disappoint like Jonas, snow...
Happy Monday:-)