Sunday, February 14, 2016

Conley Scout | 3 Months

Conley turned 3 months on January 25, so i'm a little late...
We didn't have a well visit this month so I'm not very current on weight from the 
pediatrician scales, but I did a little one of my own & it if it's true-he's a chunker...
Conley at THREE months
Weight: 16 lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
Growing like a little weed and his cheeks & chub rolls are totally showing for it!  I could smooch his  big cheeks all day long.  This sweet one is filling out his 3 month clothes and is still wearing size 1 diapers-& as soon as we finish the pack were on- homeboy is going to 2's!;)  He is becoming a master sleep fighter & much more alert soaking in everything around him!
whats new...

Conley is all about his brother, lullabiesnursing, & laying down in the swing/ mamaroo /or jungle gym to stare at his toys.  He isn't necessarily hating bath time right now, in fact- if I lay a warm cloth over his belly as I am washing the rest of his little rolls, he grins from ear to ear the whole time:)  He loves to sleep on his side-never moves a muscle!  We can't forget car rides & blankets in his face.  
tummy time, Cam roars, sleep, getting put in my carseat, when his paci falls out

play & cognitive development
Conley's is all smiles or total pouty lip.  There is no in between with this one!  His eye contact is on point.  He is starting to have great joint attention, focusing on people & objects...he enjoys a good game of "I'm gonna get you games" & when you sing to him.  In fact, he even giggles if the game gets intense;)  He is alllllll about staring & smiling at his mobiles.  Besides eating, I think this may be his favorite thing!  He is almost able to roll over he can flip all the way to his side.  He can hold & grip his toys if you assist, but still no attempt to grab anything independently.  He has all the vowel sounds:)  He oooooohhhh's & ahhhhhh's over everything when he's in a good mood!

we are allllll about eating!  I am thinking he is going through an extreme growth spurt because nursing is his thing!  I'd say he eats about every 2-3 hours.  I think we're cutting teeth too, buckes of drool!    He almost always falls into the deepest sleeps after his eats;)

I don't remember if I commented on this with the past milestone updates but we are sleeping through the night.  I contribute that all thanks to my decision to co-sleep.  I know it's controversial & all, but it's what works for us-especially since I breastfeed.  I've done my research & did it with Cam...I even did a n d had him in his pack n' play sleeping through the night around one year.  (And then we went on vacation- f o r g o t the pack n' play- Cade went to work in North Dakota & he's slept with me ever since!  Lol).  I'm pretty convinced that we don't make babies that sleep by themselves during the first year around here <talkin not even a minute shut eye>!  This mommy doesn't do nap time (I wish I could!) so to be the best mom I can be & have the ability to function at work-I need sleep.  And so do my babies!  So that's that & what works for us:)

three month photo dump

Conley Scout.  You are my serious & passionate one.  In a so very content but know what you want when you want it kind of way:)  Your big bro is the silly cut up one so I'm sure you will balance each other out perfectly in the future.  I often find myself wondering what you'll be like when you are Cam's age.  Will you love matchbox cars & banging them together?  Will you roar like a dinosaur & wake a new sibling up?  Will you take decades to potty train? (please say no to this  Will you bounce off the walls or like to color & clean?  Will you ask me to cuddle with you every night or say "I love you, Mommy"?  I don't know the answers to these questions.  I do however know, that one of God's sweetest gifts to me in this life is finding out.  I often sing (as I did to your brother) Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up" as I rock you.  And yes, I pretty much cry every time.  While I watch you grow-yes I'm sad, but I'm also so very thankful for the time I have with you & your brother in my arms.  It truly is a blessing to see you grow.  To see you healthy, happy, & loved.  So as we tackle another month of your life, I pray I realize each & every second how precious this time really is--