Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Early Fall Favorites

There is a certain crisp that's sneaking it's way in the air.  It does seem kind of early since it's mid-August, but this girl is not complaining!  I guess I've quickly morphed into my annual fall freakout mode these past couple of weeks after seeing the shelves at the local stores start stocking all of the fall scented candles, decorations, & yummy treats.  I can already tell that this holiday season is going to be the best one yet.  Cam is so easily excited when we talk about monsters, Hayoweem, Hoho, & all the fun things left to celebrate in the year.  He recently found all of his Halloween books & is fascinated by the monsters & creepy creatures in them.  I don't get his obsession, but it is pretty darn cute.  He loves to flip through our PB Kids Costume magazine everyday discussing what he will be this year.  
Not only do I have fall toddler favorites to discuss, but then there's newborn, mommy, & home favorites!  Bear with me;)  How I am just finding Hannah Anderson's Peanuts collection is beyond me, but naturally...I'm obsessed!  I don't really know whether Baby A will be here by Halloween, but I am going to be prepared with a few little things just in case!  Hey, he could wear them til Thanksgiving anyway...right? ;)  Along will all of this fall gooey goodness, stay tuned to the Mustard Seed as well- we are planning on launching our fall collection in early September.  Can't wait!

What are some of your favorite things for fall?  What do you look forward to most?
Happy Hump Day!
Chelley N said...

That fox jacket! Eeeep! We're having a crisp, fall-like day today (with rain!) and I'm loving it. Summer can leave early and it won't bother me a bit!

Cassidy Adams said...

I know, right? I am SO ready for pretty fall leaves:)