Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's A ...

BOY!  We are so excited to announce that we are expecting another boy!  I'll admit.  I was certain that Baby A #2 was a girl.  I am carrying this baby different.  I had much more sickness & nausea.  I had that same feeling of "just knowing" that I had with Cam, but I was soooo wrong this time...weird, right?  I'll definitely take another Cam any day:)  I mean...matching bow ties & matchbox cars everywhere?  Come on!  What could be cuter??
The appointment was a little bit crazy but I made it through without the Mr. there.  We have been to almost every baby appointment ever together, and it was very sad to be there without him.  Especially when it is one as special as the gender check.  Thankfully I was able to FaceTime him during the big reveal.  Gotta love technology when your husband is half the country away!   I'm pretty sure he about fell over in shock with the news.
"Alright here we go.  What is it mom??"
Oh wow.  That's definitely a boy!
Cam had a grin as big as a possum (though I know he had no clue what was going on!)  
Silence & snickers.  Wow!
Morning of appointment...this picture makes me laugh:)

That night, I just could not sleep.  My mind could NOT comprehend that I am well on my way to being the mommy of two little boys.  What a huge responsibility.  What a blessing.  I love when God steps in & surprises us when we think we know everything.  I somehow kept my little (okay, big) secret the whole night so that I could wake up to grab our Krispy Cream blue filled donuts to share the news with the rest of the world.  The only thing I could do was think of names & plan a shared boy room (in true Cassidy fashion!) until oh about 3 am in the morning.  And I may or may not have woke up again at 4 am to plan some more...  Haha:)  At least my insomnia is productive.
Boy oh BOY!
Chelley N said...

Congrats! What great news! I'm so happy for your family :-).

Cassidy Adams said...

Thanks Chelley!:)