Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer, At Last!

Here I am, posting at the end of the week again.  Boooooo.  
Monday marked my last day of school.  Not for just this school year, but for at least the next entire year.  It's bittersweet & exciting all at the same time.  I'm excited to be with my family & about having the opportunity to spend some very special time with my boys.  Obviously, I will miss our other family & all of the wonderful new people I have met this year working in the schools.  I soaked in every hug from every kid and coworker & tried to be present for every moment I had this past week.  I also scored a teensy vanilla latte from my favorite little coffee shop next to the school.  Hey, when in Rome right?;)  It's always such a surreal experience for me when I know life's fixing to change.  However, that's another day & another post!
So where have I been the last, oh couple of months?  Well, I've been so very busy & consumed with life.  But I am hoping that I am going to have time to update regularly now!  Here's what's been happening lately...

Our first trip to the pool with Cam for the summer happened this past Friday.  We hit the pool after a quick "ninja turtle" lunch of pizza & then it happened.  Cam morphed into something like a water dog.  He was jumping off the side of the pool (barely missing the edge I might add) & even built enough confidence to move on up to the big diving board.  Then he got an idea.  The boy got a wonderful, awful idea..."Mommy jump!  Just jump, mommy!"  Sounds like a teenager, right??  JUST Jump?? 

So naturally, Yep.  I did.  Baby bump & all.  Off the diving board I went.  Not just one time...but several times!  What kind of effect will two of these little boys have on me?  I don't even want to know:)

We've had an interesting week to say the least.  Not only was it the last week of school, but Cam had another traumatic accident.  He currently has a very swollen lip that I guess you could say it is slowly taking over his face.  Okay, maybe just his nose.  Anyway, the majority of the time...when you ask Cam what happened, he will say: Snake!  (chunky hands strike a fang position & he makes a growling noise).  
Translation:  Nana was trying to kick start potty training & he decided it would be funny to run away from her.  The only problem was, he still had his pants wrapped around his leg.  He made it out of the bathroom to the dining room & dove into the chair or "cheer" as his little redneck self calls it.  He woke up Friday morning & felt the swollen lip & said, "Mommy, my teeth!"😂

The snake may have had a little something to do with my tactic for getting him to brush his teeth...oops!  Maybe I should find another approach besides cleaning the bugs & snakes out of his teeth?  Ahhh, the world of baby boys!  Never a dull moment.

Now to tackle this last night of Bible school before summer vacation really begins!;)
Happy Friday Eve, everyone!