Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Tales

Happy Monday, everyone!  What are you doing on this beautiful day in June?  Me?  I'm trying to organize & clean our house, but Cam insists that I sit & watch the Wizard of Oz for the, ohmaybe 10th time this week (& yes, it's only Monday).  So here I am, recipe planning with Pinterest & catching up with the blog world while he is happy as a duck in socks (as my Mr loves to say).  Man, I miss him!  I figure it's been a while since I've done a weekend post, so why not kick off the week with a new one?:)
It's hard to believe that another Bible School has come & gone.  Cam has impressed me with what he learned this year!  Sometimes you think little bitty's just aren't old enough to retain things, but Cam can remember who created the world, who lived in the Garden of Eden (Abam & Eb), what they did, who died on the cross & rose again, & where Jesus lives today (heben).  That makes my heart burst with love & smiles!  And need I say...makes alllllll the hard work & preparation last week worth it!
I went & finally had some "me time" & TLC for the hair.  I'm glad to tell the scarecrow hair & non stop ponytail days goodbye!   But that didn't exactly stop Cam from getting Iron Man tangled in my hair before church Sunday morning.  Needless to say, my hair had another visit with the scissors all too soon!  While we were in the big city, we also wrapped up the beginnings of a new little adventure that I'd like to talk more about tomorrow, but here's a little teaser to get you to thinking about what might be my next little endeavor in the near future:)
 And since it is summer time, we definitely took some time to soak up some sun & family time.  Like I said before, Cam is in love with the water & playing outside in the I foresee a lot of outdoor water fun this week when we need a break from cleaning (and the Wizard of Oz).  
Wishing you all a wonderful summery week!