Wednesday, June 24, 2015

From One North To Another

Getting a little personal in today's post.  If you haven't already figured it out or heard the news, its true.  As of the first of July, our little family is heading to another North for a while.  North as in North Dakota.  This was a very hard & difficult decision to make.  Maybe the most difficult one in our marriage.  Many prayers were sent up & a lot of sleepless nights had.  But in the end, we ultimately felt like it was the best decision for our family.  
We've never really been an adventurous kind of couple with decision-making, so I am kind of trying to look at this with a positive spin & see it as a little adventure.  I truly believe, that as long as we have each other & keep God as the center of our lives, I know we can make it through anything.  I've come to believe (& know from other experiences) that venturing out of a comfort zone & walking toward uncertainty is not a bad thing.  It allows people & relationships to grow.  
We don't want to live this far away from family for forever, but for now, I think it might be a good lesson.  I've always heard it's important to allow a time in life to just have each other for a little while to figure out how to depend on one another.  Cade & I have never had that.  He has almost always worked away from home & we have lived separately the majority of our marriage.  With a family, that just isn't practical or healthy for us anymore.
I am trusting the Lord each step of the way & looking forward to each day he gives me.  I may have shared this quote here before, but I'll share it again as it has been on my heart during this packing up/moving mentality:
"Everyday is a gift from God, that's why it's called the present."
That being said, I will not make this a negative experience.  If each day is a gift from God, I want to treat it as that.  I keep thinking that there is a great purpose in this as we never know who we will meet or whose lives we can touch (or that can touch ours) if we just trust the Lord with each thing that happens in life.  Especially when we don't fully understand it.  I'm excited at what God has in store.  Remember us & our family in your prayers as we encounter this change!

P.S. This "selfie avoider" can't help but love them now with this little Ham on board!  That smile though!