Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ta ta, First Trimester!

My first trimester with Baby A #2 decided to go out with a boom!  This past week was one of those things that you look back on and think...where did that come from?  Did that really happen?  Saturday evening, I was wrapping up dinner, (so looking forward to actually eating the meal btw) and I suddenly felt lifeless, nauseous, & white as a sheet.  I laid down on the couch & the rest is history.  Monday evening I ended up at the hospital where they ended up keeping me over night and half the next day.  I was dehydrated.  Dizzy.  And nauseous.  Even 6 bags of fluid later!  It was very unexpected, so naturally we didn't pack one thing...except I did stash my untouched BBQ sandwich from supper in my purse.  And yea, you guessed it.  I didn't get to eat that either:(  
I have struggled the rest of the week with dizziness, enough to prevent me from driving.  My blood pressure has been my main arch enemy.  I don't think I can eat or drink enough to get it stabilized!  I finally started to feel the dizziness fading over the weekend.  Here's to hoping this is a good sign that it is on it's merry way out of my life!  Second trimester, please be kind to me...  If your listening, I would like to order up tons of energy, no headaches, & superhero strength & speed;)
On the lighter side of things, while I've been on the mend, Cam has pretty much took charge of the television and we have watched Sky High & Paddington (aka Teddy) 45,678 times throughout the week.  He also has found out that I am a pretty good block builder laying down, so we have built a lot of "towers" for his cars to crash through.  The Mr has been supposed to leave for North Dakota all week but his trip has been postponed until the middle of this upcoming week.  Thankful that the Lord seen fit for him to be able to be at my side for this rough week in the pregnancy trenches!  
Happy Monday everyone!
See? I promise I had planned to post this Monday!  But when you forget your password...its kind of impossible to blog #pregoprobs #goodtobeback
I hope you all had a great Mothers Day:)