Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Break Fun

Taking a trip to Florida for spring break was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but I'm so glad we were able to go!  It's really true that sometimes... you just need to get away from everything, & take some time to rest & relax!  I actually came home with more energy, and after the week I had this past week, I'm sure glad I did!  
We headed to the Florida panhandle, knowing the week was forecasted to be nothing but thunderstorms and rain showers.  But that didn't stop us:)  And I'm so glad it didn't!  It turned out to be such a nice week to be outside with a toddler!  It was a little cloudy & overcast most days, but we got to go out every day but one!  Cam was pretty partial to eating sand & belly flopping into the sand.      He also had the most awesome beach hair, enjoyed slapping the fishing pole in the pool, & flirting with elderly women.  Not to mention, sampling the ketchup every evening at dinner.  I think we may have had a wilder week than the college kids hanging off the balcony:)

Let me just say, I think that Cam is going to love the water this summer!  Before the end of the week, he was completely jumping into the water for someone to catch him & swimming with his puddle jumper all by himself!  The stormy mornings we did have were spent trying to keep him away from the balcony where he could spot any water, because he would start begging, "Go to tha water!  Go to the water!"  Try explaining why you can't go play outside & play to a 2 year old!