Monday, May 18, 2015

15 Weeks

This is Week #:  15 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  It's been very up and down between 2-5 lbs since I have been sick.
What I am wearing:  Well, people are brave enough to ask me if I'm pregnant it's safe to say that the bump has arrived & is ready to stay around until November!  Still in my clothes.  My skirt wouldn't zip & go over my belly this morning so I have a feeling I will need a belly band in the very near future!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Hmmmm, do pajamas count?  The only thing I liked about a week off of work is no make up & sweats everyday!
Body woes:  My back hurt the week before I got sick.  I was constantly on my feet & very busy that week.  Low blood pressure... which doesn't make one feel too chipper.  My belly is sore from growing so much in such a short amount of time.  Baby A is just like it's brother!
Best part of week:  I had one day that I felt perfect!  It was so nice:)  Looking forward to more of those!  I really want to enjoy pregnancy!
Feel anything in there?  Sometimes I think I do...but then I'll go long periods without anything!
Gives me the Creeps:  Food in general, but I 'm always really hungry.  Strange, right?  Right now, the worst is Barbecue.
Zzzzz Pattern:  I sleep all through the night.  Trying to soak that up, because I know it only gets worse the further along!
Gender:  The gender appointment is May 29th.  Hoping we will find out for real this time!
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  It's deformed
I’m Craving:  Liquids!  Always thirsty...I have to have a large half and half tea every morning.
Working Out Regimen:  None & I so want that to change.  Hoping as soon as I'm out of school I will feel up to it.  Really want this to start motivating me...The Pregnancy Project
Mood (s):  Missing my husband, enjoying Cam so much.  He makes me laugh more than anyone ever has.  He's just like his daddy:)
I can’t wait for:  A lot of exciting things coming up.  But at this moment?  Finding out what my sweet baby is & I sorta can't wait for June 5th!  THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Summer Vacay never sounded sweeter:-)
Happy Monday, Y'all!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
So sorry to hear you were in the hospital hon, you look like you are
feeling good in this picture, so hope things get better from here. Will say
some prayers for you hon.
You look wonderful as always, so hoping
and praying that you will feel wonderful as well.... As it is so nice to be able to enjoy your pregnancy! Hoping that will be your
story soon.
You take good care of yourself hon,
and glad Cam got to be with you during this time........

Love and Blessings, Nellie
and Belated Happy Mother's Day and keep drinking those

Cassidy Adams said...

Hi Nellie!
Thank you for the kind words and prayers:) I hope you are doing well! Take care! Happy belated Mothers Day!