Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cam, The Two Year Old

I know I've said this once, and I'll say it over again, but I'm really in awe of how fast my little boy is growing up.  It's such a blessing, but oh so scary all at the same time.  I stay in constant fear that I will regret not being with him more or that I may miss something along the way.  He is as fun as he's ever been & constantly making us laugh.  You can see his wheels turning & watch him learn new words & concepts daily.  It's truly an amazing thing to see!  I can't wait to see him be a big brother...I think he is really going to enjoy having someone to play with:)  
Age:  2 YEARS
Stats: 35 lbs , 31.5 inches 
Clothes: 2T-3T all depending on the brand
Favorite Foods: breakfast pizza, fruit, ketchup aka "Catch," french fries, bread, croutons, popsicles, & "i crean"
Favorite Words: Get you"Get chu" or "got chu," love you "uh eu," Honor "Ony," "Ready to go," Mickey Mouse "mimi mouse," Snoopy "snoofy," Pacifier "Fra fryer," Popsicles "Lello McQueen," Want some "some," "shhhhh hide!," & his favorite filler phrase when he has nothing else to say?  "Four dollars."  He also believes that he can rob people of anything he wants as long as he says "tan tu" in the process.  Seems logical, I guess:)
Favorite Activities:  Wrapping himself in a certain type of tee shirt, playing with cars (and anything with wheels), he loves to watch Cars & Mickey Mouse,  Dancing to "Shake I Off" & "Bass."  He's obsessed with playing hiding seek, though he never makes it a second into the hunt before giggling as loud as he can & running to the person who is looking for him.  Playing outside, fishing, running in & out of his tee pee, jumping on the trampoline, driving anything with a wheel, playing games with trains, fish, & cars on the iPad, writing on the chalk board, he tends to name the toys he is playing with "mommy, daddy, and Cam."  He would also live outside if we would let him.

Least Favorite Activities: Not getting what he wants (especially junk food & paci), when you do not let him drive any wheel within a 0 mile radius, bath time, not being in the bed with mommy & daddy, 
Other Milestones: Trying to get rid of paci & transition out of our bed.  It's a working progress:-)

Father, thank you for my precious baby boy.  He has brought so much love, joy, & happinesss into my life.  Everyday I see your power & love when I look into his eyes. I don't understand why you blessed me with him & this new baby on the way (and my sweet husband) but all I can do is pray that I am the mother & wife that I need to be for them...

Happy Friday Eve:)