Monday, March 2, 2015

Cam, The Easter Bunny & Basket Favorites

Cam lucked up & stumbled upon the Easter Bunny for the first time Saturday at the mall.  We just happened to run into him while we were in search of the Mr.  He quickly waddled toward the line of kids & parents in line for the meet & greet.  Once he reached the back of the line, he stood just under the ropes of the short line staring at the giant bunny.  I would have loved to have known what was going through that little fuzzy head of his.  "Cam, would you like to go sit in the Easter Bunny's lap?"  
"Mommy, No!"  Mommy!  He shrieked as he became a recluse & glued his head to my shoulder.   Alrighty then.  But that did not stop him from screaming "bunny!" the whole way to GNC.  We made many stops along the balcony to spy on the Easter Bunny from afar.  He did wave at us a couple of times & I'm pretty sure it made Camster's life.  Too bad we didn't have binoculars;)  

This sure has been a beautiful start to the week!  59 degrees?  Talk about bird chirping weather.  This just might force me to get in the springy spirit.  It's doesn't take much time in the sun to make you believe that sunshine is truly the best kind of medicine!  Just as I couldn't believe that the Easter Bunny was already replacing Santa in the Mall, I can't believe I'm already planning Cam's third Easter basket.  Just doesn't seem real!  Here's a couple of things on my list...I would really also like to get some resurrection eggs for our egg hunts so we can keep the true meaning of Easter close to our hearts!  Here is Cam's Easter Basket last year.  What are you planning to stuff your little bunnies baskets with?
                                                                {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}
Chelley N said...

My son (who is 3), has the yellow egg carton with the six eggs in it. He still loves it! It has provided hours of entertainment. Now, he even play cooks with those eggs! Good pick!

Cassidy Adams said...

Yay! Good to know!:) Cam needs toys that keep him busy!