Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Days

There's no day like a snow day!  I should know, we've practically had two weeks worth of them.  We've maxed out our Netflix account watching way too many episodes of Once Upon A Time, had a king-sized breakfast almost every morning, crafted, played hide and seek, & snagged every chance to "slide" that we could.  We got to mark all of these things + making a snowman & snowangels off our winter bucket list, but still no snow cream.  That might be a good thing, because I definitely haven't needed any extra food to binge on while being shut indoors!  

February brought the first snow that Cam has actually been able to get outside to sled & I think he actually understands what snow is now.  He loved throwing snow balls, sliding, but his most favorite had to be riding the four wheeler around in circles.  He would scream & cry "ready to go!  ready to go!"  every time someone tried to stop.  If they let him get off & he seen the four wheeler back in action, he would waddle his way toward it- no matter the distance.  

I've overheard many people saying they can't wait to get out of the house, or that they felt like they will go crazy if they have to be shut up anymore.  I have to say, that hasn't bothered me one bit.  One of my favorite feelings in the world, is being cozy & warm inside as the snow tumbles down snugging us away in our home.  It forces everyone to slow down & experience life.  We have made the most of every minute of our time & this impromptu winter vacation:)  I am pretty sure I will dream about this winter for years to come!  Now I have heard next week is going to bring spring like weather for all of you down & out with the winter blues.