Thursday, March 5, 2015

#Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of family pictures Saturday, I got a little reminiscent today as I looked through our past family photos.  I tell you, I am awful!  I've got to put together some albums & brainstorm a place for more picture walls!  After browsing, I felt prompted to figure out some unique ideas for what to do with all of those pictures that never make it in a permanent wall position.  Commitment & I have issues...especially when it comes to decorating the home.  What do you do when you have family pictures?  Print them all out & frame or post them to Facebook & forever let them live in the techono-age?  #guilty

1.  Gallery Walls:  I love creating a gallery wall with shelves.  This doesn't make you commit to a permanent hole in the wall & you can switch with the seasons, holidays, & your moods!  The Mr. jokes I would have shelves on every wall if he'd let me...
2.  Mix & Match:  I love the idea of hanging pictures with graphic art pieces, letters, wooden carvings, etc.  Anything eclectic & aesthetically pleasing!  I really want to do one of these this summer:)
3.  Clips Are Your Best Friend:  I love the idea of finding a wire system with clips (such as this) & interchanging photos as often as you please!  Note to self -You have to print pictures off first before this will work.
4.  Utilize Counterspace:  I already have this system going, & I really like being able to again change out the pictures with the seasons.  Sometimes I'll stick a picture in the frame, and other times it may be a graphic print.  Whatever I'm feeling at the time.  I like to change things up!
5.  Coffee Table Books:  I really, really, reeeeaaaallllyyy want to put books together for all the pictures I have with something like this.  Wouldn't it be amazing to always be just a coffee table away from thumbing through some of your sweetest memories? 

"What is caught on film is captured forever, it remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything."