Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby A ...Round Two!

We are SO excited to share that Baby A #2 is due November 2015!

Maybe you have noticed I have been pretty quiet here lately.  The first trimester is definitely in full swing & that makes my dog tired days of slipping in the bed at, oh I don't know...7 o'clock... acceptable.  Thankfully, the time change is still rocking Cam's world so he doesn't complain about the early bedtime (at least for now).  Our house is a wreck, I can't eat anything I cook (mainly only want subway grilled chicken sandwiches?)  & the mere thought of coffee makes me want to jump off a cliff.  Who is this girl?  I will be excited to feel like me again.  But words cannot describe how excited I am about another baby:)  God has blessed us soooooooo much!
Cam, the original Baby A:), will be passing on the title to his future side kick & I have am positive that he will be the best big brother in the world.  It's so exciting to see our family grow & I hope I really savor this sweet time in our lives.  It's so easy to wish time away & that's the last thing I want to do!
  We went for our first doctor visit last Friday, Cam in tow, for the first ultrasound.  It was interesting,  My patience wore thin as we were the last people of the day called into see the doctor at 5pm (and our appointment was a 3:30.)  You'd think by that point a toddler would be worn out...nope.  During our waiting room adventures, he labeled each family member as a power ranger, made monkey noises, tried out every chair in the waiting room, danced to the music, & looked at some baby magazines.  He then decided it was time to move to the floor.  He army crawled all over the floor until he found a huge truck.  After successfully making his way across the floor on his belly, he jumped up and chucked the truck across the room & yell, "CRASH!"  Let It Go came on the radio & he turned to me with the most concerned look & said, "Ana singing??"  

The front desk finally realized we needed some help & turned the channel to a kid friendlier channel.  When we finally got to go in the back, he was quiet as a mouse.  When they printed the pictures from the ultrasound, they gave them to Cam.  He smiled & said "baby, baby!"  And then he took his lollipop & stickers & was ready to go eat & pick out a toy for his birthday  :)  
  We announced the news to our family (& of course soon followed the Facebook world) at Cam's birthday party Sunday afternoon with these sweet (impossible Cam) pictures.  We've known for about a month & kept it secret.  Well kinda.  There's only so much I can keep from my Nana (& mom) who keeps Cam 4 days a week.  An absent coffee cup & coming in white as a sheet every morning somehow threw up a red flag?  Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all have a slow & relaxing weekend:)

Chelley N said...

Awwww yay!!!! So excited for your family!!!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you:-) We are very excited!