Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's In Your Purse?

I have always loved the handbag articles in magazines.  Carrying a purse has been a thing of the past for the last two years.  My wallet & phone (& any other thing that would have went in my purse before baby) somehow ended up getting thrown into the deep dark pit that is my diaper bag.  When it came time to use them, I spent at least ten minutes frantically pulling everything out to find them.  After carrying the diaper bag around for a couple of months, I've come to realize it might not be such a bad time to downsize...
 Cam will be turning two in a little less than two weeks, & I just now slowly been making my way back toward carrying a purse.  Cam doesn't need as much as I want to believe he does, & Lord knows it would help the future of my back & shoulders to decrease the load I have grown so accustomed to carrying.  I always left a change of clothes at home anyways...#mommyfail that happens too often.  Obviously, the majority of my purse contents are Cam's things: snacks, boogie wipes, a small book, wipes, diapers, any diaper duty essentials & of course CARS.  The reusable coffee sleeve comes in handy for my coffee as well as Cam's smoothie treats (so his little hands don't freeze off)!  I actually have lip color now.  And my sunnies are just a reach away!  I feel like a new woman:)  I'll admit I'm a little anxious without the big diaper bag in tow, but I'm growing to love a more organized way to travel & haul our "essentials" around for the quick trips out and about.
When did you stop carrying a diaper bag?  What are your handbag essentials with a toddler in tow?