Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow+Weekend Rambles

Our house was so sweet this weekend!  So full of love & bright colors that it just might convince you that spring is on the way.  Except for the fact that we finally have a huge forecast for snow this week.  In fact, we are actually soaking in our first. real. snow day!   So far we have only seen a few flakes & some ice, but I think in about an hour we are supposed to be right in the middle of a big snow storm.  What would I know though, for the last two hours we have been watching Lightening McQueen:)  Nonetheless, our hot chocolate station is in standby mode & our snow watching station is ready & waiting...bring on the snow!  P.S. Anyone have any good ideas for homemade sleds?
How was your Valentines Day?  Ours was perfect:)  Perfection is health & being together!  And to make it even more perfect, it came on a Saturday.  The only thing better than a Saturday in general, is for it to be Valentines Day on a Saturday!  My chalkboard was a constant reminder of the reason we can celebrate this sweet day.  Thank you Lord, for loving us & for those you have given us to love!

To begin the day, the Mr whipped up a big breakfast & most of it ended up on Cam's head or in Ony's mouth.  If he doesn't slow down with the biscuits & gravy making kick, I'm pretty sure I will be a 1,000 lbs heavier by summer.  Somehow, Cam translated Valentines Day into Dance Party day.  Because I swear, we had a  dance off from dawn til' dusk.  His only rule is that Cade & I did not dance together.  That was a big no no...anything else was fair game.  We ended the dance party with a dinner too big for my stomach to handle.  But I at least attempted to make a dent in it, squeeze in a few chocolate covered strawberries & an episode of Once Upon A Time:)
If it really snows like they predict it will, here are a few fun recipes to try while cooped up inside...snow cream, cookies & cream hot chocolate, & grilled cheese roll ups!  Can you imagine how perfect these grilled cheese roll ups would be to dip in a bowl of tomato soup?  Better yet...try making a variety with peanut butter roll-ups too!  Mmmm mmmm mmmm.  Perfect sledding party foods!

I hope you had a great Valentines weekend with the ones you love.
Wishing you the happiest of Mondays & lots of snow!  
Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
Looks like you had a sweet Valentines did we!
Love the pic of you and Cade.....
and love how you made the strawberries
look like hearts for Cam, so cute.
Brooklyn loves to dance too. Aren't they a hoot!! she make us laugh so I am sure Cam does too.

Glad to see you and Cade back in the same house

Blessings Galore Sweetie,