Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Tales

I don't know about you guys, but we had a busy weekend at our household.  I am pretty sure that I am going to need a full week of snow days just to catch up on rest!  At this rate, that's about as far fetched as the Patriots intercepting a Super Bowl winning pass at the one yard line and taking it home for the win.  Oh wait, that happened!:)  Back to the snow...but, seriously.  I'm usually the optimistic type about these things!  Besides the 5,463 times I said it wasn't going to snow this year...  

My hubby doesn't usually like to celebrate his birthday.  In fact, he actually suggested we go to McDonalds this year...  I can't help but get excited about those certain little days that only come around once a year.  Whether it's Christmas, St. Patricks Day, or a birthday, it's fun to do something, anything special or out of the ordinary for the occasion.  It made me smile to come home Thursday evening to hear that he had invited some friends up to eat and play cards for the evening.  He deserved a little relaxing time.  He works so hard to take care of me and Cam and rarely takes time to enjoy the home life.  It was nice.

And to make the day sweeter, Cam wore my pajama pants around his head and a sock over one arm for the majority of the Saturday.  You'd do the same thing if you heard how many times the Mr complained about getting old.  Keep in mind I'm a year older than him...  I'd have to say the last straw had to be when he shared that we could actually be grandparents in as little as 12 years.  Isn't he a doll?  <eye roll>  I almost second guessed all the cleaning, cooking, and preparing of his chili bar feast- complete with these Snicker cupcakes.

I'm thankful for the craziness that is Cade Adams:)  Happy Birthday, Babe!

And because it's Monday, why not share this platter of toddler cuteness?  If you follow my instagram @cassidyadams you've already seen this little wad of football:)  We couldn't decide whether he looked Super Bowl ready or like a mini floating wizard of adorableness (is that a word?)
Happy Monday! 
P.S.  If your in the mood for Valentines, stay tuned!