Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Do you remember Valentines Day when you were a kid?  Working in the school, I am reminded of all the Valentine parties & late night of sorting through my cards making sure I didn't give send any of the boys one with the wrong message.  I was a little OCD & fearful of cooties back then!  I think I may have drove my mom to Valentine insanity.  And every kid I came across yesterday, reminded me that in their language, it's pronounced "Valentimes Day," Ms. Cassidy.  

In toddler news, my little guy may just have a new favorite holiday.  I can't believe all of the chocolate candy we have in our house right now!  I think he has a grand total of 3 chocolate puppies & 4 chocolate trucks.  That's not good for mama, guys!  Chocolate is my weakness!  And he knows that he has something very yummy that he's not allowed to have a lot of...  I foresee many peeeassse episodes in our future.
What are your plans this evening?  We missed A Charlie Brown Valentine on ABC last night, so I am definitely planning to pop some popcorn, maybe whip up some hot chocolate, & snuggle with Cam to watch that & then maybe save Valentines Day for a flick the Mr.  I am pretty sure I haven't seen that movie in years & it's a classic in my book!  I hope you all have a fun day with your loves:)