Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Summer Vacation Story

I could probably do a month's worth of beach pictures and stories but I promise to keep it under control!:)  It's been a week and a half (give or take) since we returned from our about a lot of sad souls heading back to the mountains last Sunday.  Why does it have to go by at warp speed???  Enough about the sadness though, let's reminisce about the fun.  

It all started with a lost cellphone.  If you know me, you know it's not a day unless I am after a lost item.  Before we headed to the Sunshine State, we had to pick the Mr. up at the airport that evening.  Since we had a bit of time to kill, we decided to hang out in Atlanta and shop a little before heading to the airport.  While at the mall, Cam decided it was time for our daily wrestling match and before I had a chance to tap out (Hallelujah) the time rolled around for Cade's flight to return.  We found our friends and jumped in our cars to head to the airport.  

Before we even got out of the parking lot, Cade had called our friends whom I was following to inform us that a lady in Belk had just answered my phone.  Turns out, I was too busy trying to defend myself in the Iron Man Match with Cam to realize that my phone was missing.  Thank God for honest people and my husband's sense of humor!

Needless to say, Cade waited at the airport a little longer than anticipated, but we got him and all in life was perfect:)  I think that may have been why this vacation was one of my favorite.  I missed him so much since he left for ND and we finally had uninterrupted time together and with Cam to just enjoy life!

We didn't just enjoy life that week, we laughed until our stomachs hurt and tears poured.  Maybe it was because our husbands decided to relive their younger years by snorkeling, crab hunting, tossing balls, and fishing.  Or maybe it was going out for ice cream one night and totally getting inside the wrong car (lock your doors, people!)?  We can't forget the night Cam pooped all down our friend Lance's back in Target (my personal favorite).  Or the night all six adults forgot their room key and we had to contact security to let us back in our room at midnight:/

I think our favorite times were spent on the beach in the evenings when the low tide would give us the perfect sandbar to run, play, and eat popsicles on:)  

Popsicle Face:)

I so thankful that the Lord blessed us with such a rejuvenating time with some sweet friends.  He knew that we needed a lot of laughs and sunshine in our life and thats just what he delivered (as usual).

That is all.  Now, I am playing Christmas music and ready for fall;) #copingmechanisms