Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cam These Days...

It's been a while since I have shared Cam with you:)  Right?  Haha, okay maybe not-- but he just turned 16 months old so I think it's only fair you indulge me with some funny stories and milestones.

Words: mama, dada, shoe, puppy, bite, bye bye, shew (with the head shake and everything), more (also sounds like mama most of the time), moon, nana (banana and nana), papa, "C", cookie, ball (he can definitely scream say "ball," especially in a store:( , "tar" for guitar, no, bubble, tree, truck, La-la, hat, bear, bye, book.

On the go: climbs stairs, runs, waves, peek-a-boo, high fives, stingy kisses, dances, grabs every passy he sees, crawls under things

Cam Fun: toilet scrubbers, toilet plungers (against my will-this is how he learned "whew!"), pushing, pulling, picking up the heaviest items in sight (Hercules baby), "reading", putting on shoes, playing his guitar and singing, dancing, drawing, cleaning (broom, swiffer, etc.), trying sunglasses on and cramming them on other people, "talking on the phone," smelling flowers, driving anything with a wheel, "mowing", giggling, he lights up when he spots an animal, pulls on shirt collars when he is tired or sleepy,  turning the bathwater "on and off" (complicating bath time...).

Cam the Foodie: He's eating almost everything right now.  Most of the time we do fruits and a grain for breakfast (toast/oatmeal/bagel), grains and veggies for remainder of day for both lunch and supper.  We keep sweet things in moderation, but indulge in a little something sweet a couple days a week.  Cam's favorite snacks seem to be goldfish, cheerios, graham crackers, yogurt, fruit, and cheese.  He drinks milk in the mornings with breakfast and at night before bed.  For the most part he drinks water, and juice in moderation:)  He's a great eater!

He loves all things boy.  Cars, trucks, planes, guitars, drums.  Name a loud noise, he's gonna love it!  He is more attached to his paci now more than ever, And his favorite shoes are his moccs.  Start getting him ready, and he will bring you his moccs to complete his outfit:)

I can't believe how these last few months have flown by.  Cam has grown and developed beautifully (Thank the Lord) into the most precious, sweet baby boy a momma (and daddy) could ask for.  We are head over heels in love with him, and if it is even possible, it grows with every giggle or fit he pitches!  And now that he has teeth, that gummy grin that I just knew I could never part now the most adorable toothy grin I have EVER seen!

Cam and the Beach...
1.  He waved at every. plane. in. sight.
2.  Always on the lookout for the moon:)
3.  Chased the seagulls until they flew away (does he know something we don't know?)
4.  Loved to wake mama and daddy up early.  And refused to go to sleep.  Hmmm.
5.  We learned he had an arm like Tom Brady (says Mom).  All he wanted to do was throw balls!  And steal them from other beach goers...
6.  He had a little Tour de Seafood...crab meat & shrimp
7.  He loved running from the tide and watching the adults run for his toys as he chucked them into the ocean.
8.  Hated the carseat.  What-changed!?

Here birdy, birdy!

The essential balls of our trip

Point and wave.  The airplane routine:)

Every. sunglass. stand.

Happy Thursday, Friends!
One week til' we jet set to see the Mr!  Can't WAIT!