Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!  And SIX days until we hop on a plane to North Dakota, and our family can be complete again...We are so excited.  Here's to hoping Cam likes my lap and window view (fingers crossed) more than a car seat!  Until we embark on our little summer adventure, we just wanted to share a few things that we are loving right now.  I'd love to hear from you as well on this subject...;)

McDonalds Ice Coffee:  I don't know what it is, but I about have to make a run for their sugar free vanilla, every day!  It's the perfect summer treat in my book.  A large is a dollar!  Hashtag WOOT!

Thirty One Cooler:  I just got mine in the mail and haven't got to stock it up for a pool date yet, but I can already tell I am going to love it.  It has tons of space, and organizing compartments for all the snacks Cam loves to tag along-not to mention it's adorable!

Fresh Flowers: I love the warmth and coziness they bring to our home and Cam loves to sniff them.  Enough said!  It's a sad grocery trip when there aren't many to choose from!  The brighter the better.

Tory Burch Sandals:  These babies went on sale while we were at the beach, and given that our dog had chewed every presentable pair of flip flops I had up...I made these mine.  I really needed a good quality shoe I could wear around town and to work (so excited to be able to wear open toed shoes to work now!)  I love my decision:)

Converse All Stars:  Since we are talking about shoes...I love these for Cam!  We got him a pair last fall and he out grew them so fast!  If it's any indication of my love for these shoes, I got this pair for him this summer and hoping they will last him on into (finger crossed) the fall.  They make dressy outfits look kid appropriate (and stink in' cute with a punky edge;), and fit right in with play clothes.  If he grows out of them by fall, I think I'm gonna go for the high was a hard decision between those and the ones we bought.

Also, a favorite of ours...seasonally appropriate fruit snacks (haha) and chalk play:)

Cam decided Mom needed some help marking down the days...

Well thats a wrap on the Friday Favorites!  I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

P.S.  I would like to wish "B.B" (Cam's Grandmother and my MIL) a wonderful, happy birthday today!  Happy Friday, Friends!:)