Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Tales



What a weekend!
I venture to say this may have been Cam's most favorite
weekend of his life thus far...
simply because
He FINALLY got to eat a sweet!

Cam's first fistful of cake was captured on video and camera
in a celebratory cake smash:)
And it just happened to be on my birthday.

Friday evening we took Cam and his lucky leprauchan out for
some yummy Mexicano!  He goes nuts for some rice smothered in cheese:)

I'm also putting in some serious overtime working on Cam's birthday party as I never have the energy to do it through out the week.  Who ever knew a first birthday could be so time consuming!?

And Saturday morning we had a quick breakfast and cartoon fix to get ready for the cake smash!

The left over balloons from the cake smash were a hit Saturday evening! 
Bookoo's of balloons for his party? Check!

And to end the perfect birthday, we made up for the quick breakfast earlier and had breakfast Saturday night!

Cam got a little practice blowing out the lights in a couple weeks!

And well, Sunday my sickly week got the best of me as I completely had no energy, voice, or life about me.  It was a very lazy, Gossip Girl/Tussin/Pinterest kinda day. 
Maybe I needed it to transition into the time change! 
It may be the death of me!