Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Tales & St. Patrick's Day

Well, here we are.
Cam's last "first" holiday...
and last weekend as a "0 year old."
It's both unreal and bittersweet,
but such a blessing to be
able to truly say we've made
the most of each and every one!
I just want to thank Jesus for Cam.
He has been the biggest joy of my life.
I have always wondered what my purpose would be.
And now I know...
I have found it as a mommy.
I pray we can make each new day of his second year,
second holiday's and weekend fun,
just as special as his first...
On a less sappy note...Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
We had a lovely weekend full of green...
this may or may not include snot, but hey that's life!

We made a St. Patty's snack necklace!  via Pinterest
We chose cheerios, grapes, and 1 peep in which Cam chose to give to Fitzy.
Proud mommy moment.

It's never a bad thing to have a puppy dog suction close by...

 We had a glow in the dark green bubble bath!
(A very cheap way to have fun...the glowstick wand and glowsticks are all from the dollar store;)
Top O' The Mornin' To Ya Lad!;) 

 The Saturday Morning spread:)

Our Fruity Leprechaun

And after breakfast we had a very special early birthday surprise...
Every one year old should have a tee pee, right?
{garland, a felt affair}
 While Cam liked his teepee...Mr. Fitz loved it...
 The perfect place for mischief!
Sick baby nap duty: Gossip Girl, Mexicano, and Sparkling H2O
And the only green we seen Sunday...yep you guessed it.
This is the snot I spoke of earlier.
Cam was the poor sickling this weekend,
but I paid for it today...
By bedtime, Cam was feeling well enough for a night time story and bedtime prayer in his new tent.
So we grabbed the flashlight, "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day," his Leprechaun and frog and snuggled in to enjoy the last few minutes of the weekend.

Just call us mustache obsessed!
Apparently, P.T's, O.T.'s, and S.T.'s really get into holidays!
Our St. Patty's celebration at work...I'm white as a sheet after 3 weeks of sporadic horrible cold.
When will it ever end!?

 I hope you all had a fun-filled, green, pinchless, snot free day:)