Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Year

March 22, 2013-6:03 pm
We began our family.

One year later...
And we have a bouncing baby boy who feels its best if he never sleeps.
He says, "mama," "dada," "tz" (aka Fitz), "bite," "more" (sometimes)
with an occasional squeal when the word doesn't emphasize the urgency.
He squints his eyes and wrinkles his nose to grin.
He loves to sing and dance.
Especially to "Dancing in the Moonlight."
Why walk when you can run?  That's his philosophy!
Cam loves to clean.  He recommends a swiffer and broom.
They'll get the job done.
Oh!  And be sure to check the cabinet door performance
(and maybe even throw a few pans and lids on the floor to make sure they make noise).
It's best to check the toliets as well!
They may need to saturate some brand new toliet paper rolls...
Make sure all the candles in the house are blown out and every flower sniffed.
He loves bread, cheese, gravy, and Gerber snacks.
Yes, lots of fruit too!
He loves drum sticks.  Candles.
Watching birdies from the window.
And going outside.
And you gosh darn better know what this little boy is pointing at!
Because he wants to go there, see it, and then find
something else to point you in the next direction.
He has cool style.
Hats, unique shoes, ties, and spiked hair.
And a grin, that could crack a concrete heart.
His favorite place lately is running in and out of his teepee.
However, he hasn't figured out that you have to "dunk" to get in.
He forces his way in, and I swear he may have a permanent slant to his eyes
by the time he realizes there is an easier way to fit inside.
I can only imagine what more we will learn about him as he journeys toward the next birthday!
Happy Birthday, Camden Tripp:-)
I am in love with everything you do...obviously
Chelley N said...

LOVE the photos! Happy birthday, Cam!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
Came over to give you a website
I think you might get a kick out of...cause I thought of you as soon
as I saw it. It is of food art,
cause I love all the cute things
you do with cams fruit....and these are more fun ideas......

Enjoyed this post about your lil
prince, so was glad I came by....
He is such a cutie....just like his mama......
Happy Birthday Cam......
looks like he had a good one enjoying that cake........

Love and Blessings to you all,

cassidy adams said...

Thank you girls!;)