Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 & 11 Months

I guess I could post Cam's 10 and 11 month updates
 before he turns one this month!
My how time flies....

A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Watching Tilly, Vocabularry, and Harry the Bunny.  I love to sing, dance,  and scream.  And as  Biscuits and gravy.  Bananas.  Piggy back rides.  Going outside.  Mr. Fitz, sleeping under the covers.  Playing with the broom and swiffer.  Opening the cabinents and dumping things in the floor, still roaring or...growling (can't tell sometimes!), clapping:), music. 
Not so favorite...vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, hand dryers, washing machines and dryers, Baths (I am so sad about this:( )
Milestones: First taste of dog food:(, we have a bed time folks!, even though he still does't have any teeth he has pretty much began eating everything but sweets, meat, and eggs.  Eating with a spoon!  Clapping, waving "bye bye."
My face: Crinkles his nose and gives his notorious gummy grin.  I want to eat his face.
My eyes: BIG and blue:)  Full of mischief!
My hair:  I am going to make his first hair appointment in the near future:)
My hands:  Opening cabinents, attempting to play in the toliet, attempting to grab anything I am NOT supposed to have!
My feet:  I speedily walking to get into everything!
Music: We love Michael Buble radio:)
Best Part of Month(s):  Adopting our new furbaby Mr. Fitz, and our Saturday snow day fun!
Worst Part of Month:  Putting dog food in my mouth:(
My favorite products: Fisher Price police car, xylophone

A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Watching Baby First TV, sharing my food with Mr. Fitz (insert bug eyed emoji here), sticking my tongue out, dancing, splashing in the bath tub...though I still hate baths, riding in my wagon on warm days, walking Mr. Fitz, throwing toliet paper in toliet (we have been through-oh I don't know 1000 rolls this month), clapping, playing the drums, opening cabinents and exploring their contents!
Not so favorite...vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, hand dryers, washing machines and dryers, Baths (I am so sad about this:( ) Anything that makes loud noise...when my food is taken away.
Milestones: Dancing, first light up shoes, first tooth!, first haircut, first TERRIBLE blood curdling screams, first high 5's, first trip to the playground
My face: chubby cheeks and bottom teeth popping up:)
My eyes: Love watching TV, watching Nana & Papas bird feeder, anything outdoors, flashing lights, fans
My hair: Again...he had his first hair cut this week:)  The sweetest haircut I have ever seen <3
My hands:  Busy, busy, busy...even trying to use spoons and attempting coloring with crayons when he has a passy in;)
My feet: I speedily walking to get into everything!
Music: "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!"..."Dancing in the Moonlight" makes another appearance.
Best Part of Month(s):  Honestly, I can't pin point a special has all been special and now we are counting down the days til' his first, I can't believe it.
Worst Part of Month:  Teething nights...:,(
My favorite products: (10 and 11 month favorites coming soon)
Love my growing baby munchkin!
& Cam