Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Tales

I have been a little, okay, very emotional all day!
No one could prepare me for this part of parenthood...
For some reason I made it through the weekend-
but lost my cool this morning.
I guess when I visually was able to realize that Cam is morphing into
a toddler before my very eyes...
and realized he actually is. one. year. old.
I can't pretend anymore!
Today, I began weaning Cam.
Not only did he turn one Saturday, but I am adding
this change onto the emotional baggage!
This morning when I dropped him off at my grandparents,
as we began discussing the plan for the day, I felt tears swell up in my eyes.
No passy too???  I can't take this!
Thank goodness I was thing at a time!
I can't imagine my sweet little boy without the passy grin right now:(
NOT now!  NOT yet!
So far I have cried several times this evening,
as has Cam.  Let's just move on.  Shall we?
Our weekend?
It was great:)
No rain at the birthday bash and the crowd I had worried the whole time of feeding and entertaining didn't I stressed myself out for no reason;) mom, sis, the birthday boy and I made a quick run to Knoxville to wrap up the birthday to do list.  I think we all 4 really needed to get out of town, so no complaints here!
Saturday was perfect!
Beautiful weather, beautiful baby, and the sweetest birthday bash!
More on that later;)
After the party we played outside to our hearts content.
I am usually a winter freak, but that warm weather did wonders for my soul...
Given that Cam hadn't had a nap all day...
he finally gave in to a 2 hour nap in his teepee:)
While I hung out on the porch and enjoyed some lazy time.
Before bedtime, we headed back into the teepee to
read some birthday storybooks to complete his special day!

And Sunday, was just the encouragement I needed:)
A message encouraging us all to put our confidence in God.
Simple but absolutely necessary to tired and weak flesh
trying to take our load from Christ and tote it on our own.
I'm so thankful for this weekend.
Remnants of a first birthday...

Cynthia said...

Cassidy, your little man is so precious! Cannot believe he is already one year old. Time does fly:(. And you look amazing as always! Just wanted to offer support to you (as an 'experienced mama') if you want to keep nursing Cam, you certainly can! The longer you nurse him, the better his immune system will be (plus, you can keep on snuggling him)! ;). Good Luck with your upcoming year!

cassidy adams said...

Thanks Cynthia! And thanks for the advice;) Cam and I (funny howyou both decide and know)have decided weare notready to quit "cold turkey" yet:) Wow, its such a hard decision...never realized it either!