Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Rundown

I sat beside gummy grin on our way home:)

Updating our memory jar:)

Adopting a new family member called for an extra special weekend.
Welcome to the Adams family Mr. Fitz!
We had a little journey finding you...but we are glad you are joining us.
If you have followed me at all you know we adopted Cookie after losing our Miniature Schnauzer mix Penny.  Cookie was a sweetheart but there are some dogs that are a little challenging with a baby and she was one of them!  Miss Cookie required a young, "hip," baby-free home and luckily...
our friends, The Luthers, were looking for a furbaby just like her!
Not only did she find a great home, but she and Mr. Fitz can meet and be buddies:)
Such a relief it all worked out!  God always just seems to work everything out perfectly. 
To continue keeping up with Cookie,
follow my friend Kris over at "The CupCake Chronicles.":)
Cam tagged along for our new adoption, and ended up handpicking Mr. Fitz...
Which makes him all the more special to us!

So Far Fitz has been the perfect Fit.

Thus his name...(or maybe a small touch of the PLL Mr. Ezra Fitz...)
He is gentle.  Calm.  Lazy.  And laid back.
Fitz doesn't mind Cam's curiosity and he isnt the least bit snippy.
He let's Cam pet him and steal his toys.
Unfortunatley, he is even so kind as to share his dogfood...
<Insert parent failure title here>
Anywho...we had the best weekend being lazy, curling up and sipping hot chocolate during our mini snowstorm, making another snow wish with a snowflake touch to our Saturday morning breakfast, dragging out a valentine decoration or two, and getting to know our sweet new furbaby Mr. Fitz!
On a slightly unrelated note, I am currently typing this post while
snowed in on this cozy Tuesday night
(in part thanks to our Saturday snowflake breakfast creations I AM SURE) ;)
Kinda scary, right?