Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Run Down & 8/9 Month Favorites

This weekend was a perfect one...we didn't do a thing!
I really love those kinds of weekends the most, because I actually get a bit of rest.
Something you may say I am lacking these days!

We enjoyed, what I like to think of as probably my (and Cam's) favorite part of Saturday,
a quiet family brunch.

We cooked up the best French Toast, Fried Eggs,
and "Clean" Fried Apple Topping (believe it or not.)
This, as was our Creamy Vegetable Soup Friday evening,
are both part of my efforts to cook more in 2014:) 
I am determined to become a good cook!
(Though the Mr. will prob. always be our designated breakfast chef...he has a gift)

This is becoming somewhat of a weekly tradition, and I love it.
Nothing better than a cozy breakfast in with my boys.
I soak this time in and hope it is something we can continue for a long time to come:)

We also gave the bath toys Santa brought a whirl in the tub:)
Needless to say they were a hit!

These pictures leave me living for the next weekend...BUT.
I am going to be present and value EVERY day...ANOTHER resolution;)

Here are our 8 & 9 Month Favorites:

 {UGGS} {Wagon} {Chair) (Snack Cup} {Xylophone}
{Boon Duckies) {White Cheddar Natural Cheetos}
and might I toy tops a paper towel roll...mop or broom, and slamming cabinet doors!