Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 & 9 Months

So Here we are.  
My heart hurts to say that we are at my sweet baby boy's 8 & 9 month update.
But it also leaps for joy in knowing Cade and I are capable of raising a baby!
And a precious baby at that might I add!
I have to tell you all...Cam has completely defined his personality
these past couple of months.
He has always exhibited certain characteristics...
but MAN!  Lately it is hilarious to sit back and observe the things he does:)
A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Tearing napkins and papers to shreds, twerking dancing, crawling, walking, peek-a-boo, hide and seek in his room (he "crawl chases" me around the ottoman giggling his gummy grin to pieces)  attempting to eat the fireplace rocks, Christmas lights, FOOD (anything-this child has never turned down ANYTHING!), crawling to the bathroom to push the shampoos and soaps off the tub, bath time, wires, remotes, keys, cell phones, banging on the computers, and he loves dogs (and any other kind of animal...), loves to ROAR
Not so favorite...stay away from the face, falling, when mommy won't let me eat the fireplace rocks, sleeping/napping, when I am unable to eat, sitting still, vacuum cleaner and hand dryers...they are scary! and being left in the pack n' play when 9 pm rolls around!
Milestones: standing, walking EVERYWHERE at nine months, saying "mama mama" in reference to yours truly!  Social smiles, attending with others, object permanence (he knows something exists, even though he can't see it...aka he knew by about 7pm when he hadn't seen me on Christmas Eve Eve...something was off!) reaches for people (and the majority of times it is reaching to get to what he wants LOL-SUCH a stinker!
My face: I cackle, and give the cutest gummy grin you ever did see...however I still do not have a tooth in my head but buckets of slobber!  He raspberries when he is mad.  It is the funniest thing EVER.  Don't make this baby mad!  Spit will come flying.  And he does a hiccup kind of sound when he is so happy he can't muster up any other emotion.  I die.  Oh the preciousness!
My eyes: I am actually beginning to think his lashes are what gave me heartburn during my pregnancy...NOT his hair!  Yowza!  They are SOOOOO long!
My hair:  I always thought Cade and I would have children with carpet heads...but his is coming in slowly.  I do imagine it will only get thicker ...He has AWESOME bedhead too!
My hands:  He CRACKS me UP with his hands.  He reaches and grabs everything...and many times you will just catch him staring and flexing his little fingers in fascination.  I LOVE this!  He also holds his hands up in the air and shouts or sings!  It is almost like he is preaching or praising the Lord...I can't get enough.  Entertainment 24/7!
My feet:  They kick when I am excited or mad...cutest thing you ever did see.  Have I used that phrase lately?
Music: I'm gonna say Christmas music, because that is the majority of music he has been exposed to since September!  "Ho Hey" continues to soothe him though.  He loves our church choir and attempts to sing along every Sunday.  As for our recent trip to Memphis, he was also caught trying to sing along with Elvis...
Best Part of Month(s):  Why Thanksgiving and Christmas of course!
Worst Part of Month:  We have had a couple of wipe out falls and smashed fingers these past months d/t Cam's love for exploring and a trait he took after his mommy...not being able to be still for long periods of time.  God bless his soul!
My favorite products: Snoopy, Etsy's velcro ties, Baby UGGs, fleece footy pajamas,  bathtub xylophone, fisher price car
I tell's been a journey.
But the most enjoyable journey the Lord has allowed me to experience yet.
What did I do before I had a baby?
I don't even know!
 & Cam
Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
Cam sounds a lot like Brooklyn......
They are true Joy givers aren't they?? Cam is such a lil cutie...
and you are such a good Mommy.
So glad you are enjoying him so much, it really is hard to imagine
life without them, once they arrive.
They add so much more meaning to your life.
Hope all is well with you and your lil family.......was sorry to hear about you losing all your pets....
Know that must have been a sad
experience for you, but maybe made life a bit easier.....
Take care sweetie,