Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Office/Playroom Plans

The more mobile Cam becomes...
The more visions of a play room addition to our home office
 are becoming more practical and realistic.
I really want a space where I can foster Cam's imaginative/creative side.
An extra special corner of the house aside from
 his room where he can hang out and have 
 personal space while offering a tech/tv free kind of entertainment.
(though at the moment...there is no competition for the swiffer and broom stick-dust pan duo)
I have always known a portion of our
home office would one day share space with
the little one, and now I am SO excited it's that time:)
If you remember our home office from my "nesting post" last year,
our office looks a little something like this for the time being...
This space needs organization and decluttered...
and I'm brainstorming how to do that as well...
The future "play corner"
So, we need a play area.  Decluttering.  And a WHOLE lot of Organization!
Here are a few of my ideas!
Attic Playroom for the kids to go with the adult playroom in the basement :))
All natural! Kids' playroom!
Double duty chalkboard/magnet wall. Paint it on and then "frame" it.
Chalkboard wall - - - to do or not to do... the dust may drive me nuts.  OCD can suck at times!
I like the blackboard and space for hanging art, plus I'd add a bunch of storage for tons of art supplies.
pretty space.
What do you think?
Do you have a play room/corner for your little ones?
I just love designing space for kiddos:)
Cam's "play corner" of the office...Coming soon!