Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Run Down

I swear.  Without my weekend...
I would be a total nut case
(not exactly saying that I don't classify as one on occassion with one).
However.  I do have to:
Thank you Lord for Saturday and Sunday!

And speaking of weekends...we had another refreshing one complete
with a rainy morning to sleep in, followed by our Saturday morning breakfast brunch:)

With my au naturel berry syrup.  No sugar added:)

I am hopeful that Cam's snowflake pancakes will bring on the snow
they are calling for this week ;)
Even better...I would love for it to snow us in this I can actually enjoy it!

Aside from snow wishing, Cam FINALLY got a highchair.
(Why we went so long without one I will never know.)

He associates it with eating so...he is content to actually SIT DOWN a few seconds!
He is truly my child in that he can't sit still...

We did quite the cleaning, organizing, and planning
(and Cam quite the UNorganizing/cleaning - it's a good thing he's cute!) 
for something I am SO
excited about this coming weekend...
Don't you love when people leave you hanging?

We found out some fabulous news!  A new buddy for Cambino! 

Congrats to our friends- the Wrights:)

Saturday evening we had dinner with friends, began planning summer vacation, and  dusted off the ole' Rook cards while wrangling the babies and watching football.
Sunday, we went to church where Cam helped preach and lead the choir in worship, nothing new except this was the first Sunday we have had a walking baby that is learning new sounds THAT is fun!
How to keep them quiet and in the pew during the entire service? 
Stuffing his jaws full of puffs and juice?  Beats me!

Sadly, we had to end the weekend watching
 the Mr.'s beloved Panthers get beat in the playoffs...
He put his superstition that had his mom cooking a Thanksgiving feast to rest.
No more turkey and dressing football games!  Crazy loon.
Happy Monday everyone:)