Friday, November 30, 2012

And So The Holiday Rush Begins!'s FRIDAY... I am back in full swing of things after a crazy hectic week as I edge closer to the end of this semester-now it is down to the "nitty gritty!"

I have:
 3 finals, 1 presentation, 1 more day of clinic left until I am DONE with my LAST Fall Semester:)  

Yes that sounds like a lot (and it is a lot to accomplish within a 2 week span-not to mention that creeping up date of the Praxis) but I can just about see that light shining at the end of the tunnel! ONE MORE SEMESTER TO GO and I am Cassidy Adams, B.S., M.S. Speech Therapist.  Now to find a job...
Also on my mind?  Nesting!  The Mr. and I are in full-blown nesting mode (as you seen from our Black Friday shopping trip.)

What's on our to do list now?

Adams To-Do List
*Dining Room Chairs! (lol)
Penn's Marshmellow is shining!  See what I mean?  The church chairs have GOT to go and we need something along the wall...

My Idea for Dining Area...

except no pendants, sconces instead:
Mirrored Candle Sconce

And for the Seating issue...
Ignore all the clutter on the table...check out the idea a sofa on one side
and a couple of dining chairs on the other side.  IN LOVE:)  We found this at World Market 
while we were shopping Black Friday.

*Complete a Bathroom...No inspiration here YET


*Finish the nursery 
(paint, buy furniture, hang pictures, finish buying nick-nacks, sheets)

*Maybe do SOMETHING with this den...
STILL don't know what to do here...

Although it may not be possible, we would like to have as much of our house as we welcome Baby A home this coming Spring.  Shoot for the stars, why not?