Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clean Eating Challenge: Week #3 I blew this week's challenge.  And I think I have pinpointed why...mindless eating and habit.  This week my sister and I had a "Christmas Decorating Party." OF COURSE we had to have holiday snacks and Christmas Cookies (We ALWAYS do this)!  Not only did I make Christmas Cookies (just ate one though!), I made spinach artichoke dip WITH chips.  And THAT was the downfall- because, that stuff is extremely addictive-and I had forgotten all about my intentions to stay away from cakes, cookies, and chips!


                 BUT this scenery was soooooo worth the mindless eating;)

So for Clean Eating Challenge #3?  I am going to try once again to practice mindful eating when it comes to cookies, cakes, and chips (except for on Thanksgiving-give me a break!) and continue avoiding candy (which hasn't been so hard).  Here goes...